2nd Post Op Visit. All Jokes Aside… Maybe I am a Super Hero…

Greetings ATR Family!

I had every intention on writing this entry on my 6 week Post Op “Rupturversary”, but got caught up with the spectacle that is the 2008 Summer Olympics.  How fantastic has the Olympics been?  I’ve watched everything from Archery to Team Hand Ball (Where did this sport come from?).  The Basketball has been difficult to watch because it makes me want to play, but i’ve been fighting the urge.   

So, on Monday I had my 2nd Post Op visit.  I was told to remove my boot and bandages, hop off the bench, walk the length of the room, and stand on my toes.  Then my doctor says, OK back to shoes, back to work, see you in 4 weeks.  “Excuse me?  I’m not sure if you remember, i’m the guy with the bilateral rupture.”  To which his response was, “You’re good.  Try not to push off on your toes and be careful.”  I feel like i’m his X-Men project.  I’m clearly a Super Hero.  I hope he put springs in my legs for extra hop when I get back to playing next June (Personal Goal of mine…)!

5 Weeks Post Op

We all clearly have a long road ahead of us, but every day is a day closer to 100%.  In the spirit of the Olympics, Team USA Women’s Basketball Forward Tamika Catchings recently ruptured went through the healing process and is viciously competing in the Basketball Tournament.  The moral of the story is, Stay Encouraged family. 

5 Responses to “2nd Post Op Visit. All Jokes Aside… Maybe I am a Super Hero…”

  1. Truly unbelievable…I don’t think even Wolverine heals that fast! Congrats on getting back on your feet. They must have used adamantium in your repair. Hope all continues to go well.

  2. Holy s#%@
    I need to move to atlanta and maybe the food or the air is different there……

  3. Yay, you! Welcome back to the world of the walking! What wonderful news. I’ve been enjoying the Olympics, too, maybe even more than usual in part because of my greater appreciation for the body, limits and abilities. Amazing, really. Congrats and keep us posted as you progress along.

  4. Hi there,

    SInce I am also in Atlanta, who in the heck is your surgeon? I think I made the wrong choice….also, I now have a DVT and PE, which is a very scary complication. Were you on blood thinners after the surgery? THanks, Sandy

  5. OK Ford Tough…so I just now saw you were an Atlantan. Me too. Where’d you go for surgery? Me, Resurgens Ortho. Can’t believe you are a double…guess you gotta do it in a big way. Your incisions look like they are doing great. You’ll be 100% in no time!!
    OK…and, I took a sec to read the Egg story…my sister swears by the egg…and…I am SOOOO embarassed to say….I bought one…It is disgusting..the shaving collection thing…I was cracking up when I saw your post….and I shouldn’t admit that I HAVE ONE! :) Have a good night!

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