The Incredible, Not so Edible Egg…

This site is great!  I appreciate the support from everyone.

I have always been proud of being a (generally) athletic male with nice feet.  OK, stop laughing!  I’m serious.  The two typically don’t go together and women love a guy with “pretty feet” (trust me fellas).  So, today i’m 4 weeks, 2 days Post Op, and my feet look a mess!  The cast did a number on my heels and ankle area and being afraid of applying lotion to my “surgery area” has the back of my feet looking dry and just gross (To me at least.  But I suspect my wife feels the same way.  She just won’t say it out load!).

Anywho, during an advertisement break of a rather riveting episode of Judge Mathis (Day Time television is the worst!) I saw a commercial for the Ped Egg TM (!  Could this unique invention Ergonomically Designed to fit into the palm of my hand be the answer to my prayers?  Ummmmm, I think i’ll pass… 

This thing just creeps me out.  For those that haven’t seen it, the egg shaped pedicure tool uses over 135 “safe” stainless steel blades (oxymoron) to “gently” remove dry and callused skin from your feet.  The genious of the product emerges when you remove the top cover of the “egg” to find the skin shavings ready for proper disposal.  I know, I know, sounds great.  But have you seen this thing?  The whole process just grosses me out. 

Catches Shavings...


I’m sorry if you started reading this entry looking for something profound or maybe an achilles recovery update.  I think it’s safe to say that the “cabin fever’ has gotten the best of me on this day.  Not much of a recovery update.  Second post-op visit is on the 11th.  I plan on walking out of the doctors office, and maybe getting a pedicure…

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  1. Hi fordtough,
    at least the egg is better than using a cheese geater, or something. Sandpaper? Anyway, there is a much more funs way to do this - have your feet tickled all over by tiny fish nibbling your dead skin. Dont believe me? Look at the news link below.

  2. Hey guys…. The path to beauty ain’t pretty

  3. Hey Fordtough, I agree with you about the egg. It looks like some kind of medieval torture device. I had the same problem with the top of my foot starting about four weeks post-op. I looked like some kind of shrunken snake shedding its oversized skin. Grooosssss!!! Anyway, I found a really rough facecloth, wet it and scrubbed away followed by a really heavy foot moisturizing cream. It worked like a charm and everything looked nice and pretty again. If you are really a go-getter, you could go through your wifes nail polish collection and get her to paint you up real pretty. My toes are a lovely purple, which complements my hot pink cast. Anyway, the cloth and the moisturizer will do the trick. It’s funny, but once my foot looked good again, it seemed to feel better too. Good luck with your recovery.

  4. I agree with you 100% I must have seen this commercial 1000 times in the last month and every time it weirds me out. I didn’t understand the scene with the orange when it shaved off all the skin, and yet, it’s so gentle it won’t even pop a balloon!

  5. Luckily this has not made it to WEST coast tv. Can I assume you are all East Coast? What ch’all doing to those feet for these types of inventions?

    Thanks for the post - I love the humor / “I”m so bored what can I post” posts.

  6. I’m West coast and have seen it on TV…..I thought it was a pretty cool little invention—won’t buy one though:)

  7. Hate to break i to ya kkdub, but its coming to get us! I’ve seen it. Its disgusting.

    The washcloth works the best. You don’t want to take too much skin off. I would put lotion on at night, then use a washcloth in the morning in the shower. Works great. My foot is back to pretty. =)

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