3 Week Update on Our Bilateral Super Hero

Greetings & Salutations Fellow ATR Family.  It has been quiet some time since I made an entry.  I will simply blame it on laziness (It’s not like I was doing anything else…).  Thank you to everyone that offered words of encouragement and comfort in my first post.  It has truly made this ordeal easier to bear.

When we last left our bilateral super hero, he was eagerly anticipating the removal of his initial casts and staples.  Well, this occured without incident on July 14th.

Prior To Staple Removal

After the doctor removed my staples, I was fitted for my ultra modish immobolizing boots.  I was told to continue with no weightbearing, ice, compress and elevate.  Thankfully, I do not have to wear the boots while sleeping.  Something I was truly dreading.  But the whole “weightbearing” thing confuses me.  So, I try to use my wheelchair and new found upper body strength as often as possible.  However, I cannot tell a lie and say that I haven’t walked over to the PS2 in order to switch from Madden to NBA Live.  I mostly crawl though…

Leaving the house for the first time was great.  Even if it was only to see the doctor (This was probably the first time i’ve been excited to go to the doctor ever in life.).  However, it made my wife and I realize that getting out of the house wasn’t that difficult.  So Tuesday we went to IHOP for dinner and Thursday to the movies to finally see “Wanted” (So much better than “Hancock”).  After both outings I didn’t want to go back home.  We have since returned to the movies to see “The Dark Knight” (Great if you’re a comic book person.  Heath Ledger was amazing!) and we’re planning another outing to see “Step Brothers” or “X-Files”.  It’ll be a gametime decision.

Oh yeah, so Achilles Recovery…

Thankfully pain has continued to be insignificant.  Slight twinges here and there, but nothing to brag about.  Since i’m in the boots, I can take showers.  I would not recommend this without a shower chair (bilateral or otherwise).  The chair made everything easier, except getting out of the shower.  At the end of the day, it all seemed like more of a hassle.  I think I may stick to the “Cowboy Showers” for now.  The shower did soften the skin and unfortunatley, I had some oozing from the left scar.  Being slightly worried, I had a doctor friend look at the wound and she determined that there was no infection, and that it was “normal” (whatever that means).

Left Scar

Slight seperation towards the middle of the wound.

Right Scar

No problems with the right wound so far.  Keep your fingers crossed.

I guess that’s all for now folks.  Who knew this would be so long?  I’m sure to have more updates when I go back on August 11th.  Until then, enjoy your respective forced vacations….

Have a Guinness

7 Responses to “3 Week Update on Our Bilateral Super Hero”

  1. Dude…you are a superhero. You make us re-rupturers look like wussies…that photo of the dueling boots makes me cringe! Glad to hear that things are progressing though. Keep fighting the good fight.


    PS. Even in your condition, I bet you could still block my patented mid-range set shot.

  2. fordtough - glad that your recovery is coming along nicely. Looking forward to reading your future posts.

  3. Wow - I am humbled. Watch that oozing - keep it dry and clean. The more often you can get it out of teh boot to “air out” the better… Would be good to get that resolved before you atart PWB - once that happens, the boot could irritate the incision…

    Amazing how good-spirited you are abou this ordeal!


  4. I think most of us have thought people don’t really understand what we’re going through. But the funny thing is even though I have an ATR, I still can’t imagine what it’s like to have a two-fer.

    If daveleft, a re-rupture, thinks you make him look like a wuss, then the rest of us are downright slackers who should be out playing basketball, softball, soccer, tennis then doing some dancing afterward!

    Cheers, superhero. You deserve that Guiness.

  5. you deserve music here by the foo fighters - MY HERO

    MY HERO “That’s my way of saying that when I was young, I didn’t have big rock heroes, I didn’t want to grow up and be some big sporting hero. My heroes were ordinary people and the people that I have a lot of respect for are just solid everyday people - people you can rely on.” Dave Grohl

    you are an inspiration my man.

  6. Love the attitude. You seem to be rolling along (!) nicely. I, too, enjoyed Dark Night. Captivating performance by HL. ‘Wanted is on my list, too, good to hear you liked it.

    An aside to Ed - my geek/labelmaker obsessed coworker put ‘teh boot’ on my boot this week when I returned. I suspect more will be turning up over the weeks.

  7. Hey, now I feel better - someone with two ATR’s! Thank God for Guinness and DVD’s and computers! Here I am moaning in my cast, but this site always cheers me up –or is it Schadenfreude?

    I wonder sometimes, when this is all done, a year from now, will I just forget this long, boring and frustrating summer? I do tend to forget bad things easily….

    What do you think?

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