Down, but Not Out!

My mom always said that I couldn’t do things half way…

On June 2nd during a competitive league basketball game I suffered Bilateral Achilles Rupture while going up to block a shot. (Coincidentily, we lost by 2 in overtime, literally adding insult to injury.)  Oh and Yes “Bilateral” does mean the left AND the right Achilles ruptured.  It’s funny how when things like this happen, everyone around you becomes a medical professional; offering comments like, “You know you’re going to have to have surgery?”  Yeah genius?  Thanks for the update…

Anywho, like most of us the emergency room visit was followed by the subsequent Ortho visit, that ultimately lead to the “You know you’re going to have to have surgery” conversation.  After much internal debate and procrastination, I scheduled my surgery for July 3rd (I did mention procrastination right?). 

I highly recommend doing things you enjoy doing the days before the surgery as you will miss them during recovery.  My wife and I went to see “Hancock” (Retrospectively, I wish we would have seen “Wanted” instead…)  Surgery day went as smoothly as to be expected.  We had a wheelchair scheduling snaffu, but thanks to good friends and good drugs, it all worked out.  Other than the nausea, there was very little pain or discomfort day 1.  In fact, that was pretty much the best sleep i’ve had in years.

I anticipated pain and discomfort for day 2, but it never really came.  Same for day 3 and 4.  One week later, I have thankfully remained mostly pain free.  They say i’m built Ford Tough; I however wonder whether my doctor did anything.  Well we’ll find out on Monday, when the good doctor removes my cast.



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  1. Hi from Manchester, England,

    About 15 years ago myself and some friends went to have tennis lessons, …. most of us in our late …eh…. no quite…… lets just say over 30!!! Anyway during the warm up we noticed Margaret had fallen down, we just laughed and carried on in our group, next thing the Ambulance crew arrived and carted poor Margaret off to Hospital, didn’t know until the next day she had ruptured both Achilles…. The good news is, she like me is now in her 50’s and she doesn’t play tennis any more but walkes miles every day playing golf.

    So, it will take a while but you will get there, this site is a godsend, check it out daily for advice and you will be amazed at the responses you get.

    Good luck

  2. Wow, been wondering if/when we would see a bilateral. Seems like you’ve got a good attitude which is 90% of the battle in recovery. Best of luck!

  3. WOW. Well, if you’re gonna do both, you might as well do them at the same time!
    Take care, hang in there!

  4. oh gosh. bilateral ruptures?!?! I have LOTS of respect for you as you seem to be in good spirits!!!!!! Good for you-having a positive attitude is the most important thing for recovery.

  5. Hello from Pennsylvania - your post actually made me smile - I thought I was having it tough with one, but bilarteral!! Keep smiling and keep posting for us!

  6. Wow that sucks! My first question is did you block the shot? The interesting thing, is my doctor had another bilateral also. I am very sorry to hear this, but I am glad to see that you have a positive attitude about this. Keep us posted, and if there is any advice we could offer let us know. I myself am almost two months post surgery and feeling pretty good, so in time you will get there.

  7. Oh, the shot went to the stands and I went to the ground. ;) I appreciate all the encouraging comments. I will keep all posted.

  8. fordtough -
    Sorry to hear that you had ATR X 2
    I am glad that you are in good spirits, and we’ll all get back to blocking shots again!

    Looks like I am going to have to change the code for Achilles Profile. Currently, you can say that you injured either the left leg or the right leg, not both..

  9. fordtough -
    Please fill out the Achilles Profile? Here is the link for you:

  10. You sure are lucky you said that Dennis, because my entry for tomorrow was going to be about Bilateral ATR Discrimination! :) Why not? I’m not doing anything else…

  11. For the Achilles Profile, you can now enter that “Both!” for which leg. :)

    Please let me know if there are other things on the site that need to be bilateral ATR friendly. :)

  12. fordtough - You’ve definitely taken to another level. Sorry to hear about your ruptures. As some of the others have mentioned, it’s good to hear that you’re in relatively good spirits. Please keep posting your recovery experience.

  13. fordtough - okay.. new code. fixed the bug. It should work properly. Your “which leg” is set to “Both!”..

  14. fordtough, bilateral sympathies and sorry to hear this news.

    I tore mine during hoops…going up to block a shot as well…but the only thing that went into the stands was my yell. My opponent swished the shot.

    Btw, like the name. Learned to drive in a F100, three on the tree. I think that truck is still running somewhere.

    Needless to say, best wishes during your recovery.

  15. How do you go to the toilet? I thought it was tough hobbling on one leg! I guess you’re using a wheelchair everywhere you go? You are Ford tough!

  16. hye ftough - I went out of the second time yesterday since my surgery. We went wine tasting. After about an hour I had to sit and was exhausted. I could only think about - “what if I did this to both legs/A’s”. I thought of you and you just need to know everyone on this site cares and is pulling for you. Keep us updated.


  17. OMG! I was wallowing in my own ATR hell and hadn’t seen this! Just saw your update post and had to track back to how it happened. Glad you found the place. Your experience will certainly be helpful to others down the road. Please keep us posted on how you adapt and manage. May you have a safe and speedy recovery!

  18. I’ve been thinking - as hard as it must be to go through this, there is a low chance of rerupturing once you heal (something like 2-4%). So technically, the odds are in your favor that this is the only time you will have to go through this - compared to the wimps (like me) who only ruptured one at a time. We stand a 10% chance of rupturing the other down the road and getting to do this ALL.OVER.AGAIN. :) Kinda like getting the mumps with the measles, no?

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