2nd Post Op Visit. All Jokes Aside… Maybe I am a Super Hero…

Greetings ATR Family!

I had every intention on writing this entry on my 6 week Post Op “Rupturversary”, but got caught up with the spectacle that is the 2008 Summer Olympics.  How fantastic has the Olympics been?  I’ve watched everything from Archery to Team Hand Ball (Where did this sport come from?).  The Basketball has been difficult to watch because it makes me want to play, but i’ve been fighting the urge.   

So, on Monday I had my 2nd Post Op visit.  I was told to remove my boot and bandages, hop off the bench, walk the length of the room, and stand on my toes.  Then my doctor says, OK back to shoes, back to work, see you in 4 weeks.  “Excuse me?  I’m not sure if you remember, i’m the guy with the bilateral rupture.”  To which his response was, “You’re good.  Try not to push off on your toes and be careful.”  I feel like i’m his X-Men project.  I’m clearly a Super Hero.  I hope he put springs in my legs for extra hop when I get back to playing next June (Personal Goal of mine…)!

5 Weeks Post Op

We all clearly have a long road ahead of us, but every day is a day closer to 100%.  In the spirit of the Olympics, Team USA Women’s Basketball Forward Tamika Catchings recently ruptured went through the healing process and is viciously competing in the Basketball Tournament.  The moral of the story is, Stay Encouraged family. 

The Incredible, Not so Edible Egg…

This site is great!  I appreciate the support from everyone.

I have always been proud of being a (generally) athletic male with nice feet.  OK, stop laughing!  I’m serious.  The two typically don’t go together and women love a guy with “pretty feet” (trust me fellas).  So, today i’m 4 weeks, 2 days Post Op, and my feet look a mess!  The cast did a number on my heels and ankle area and being afraid of applying lotion to my “surgery area” has the back of my feet looking dry and just gross (To me at least.  But I suspect my wife feels the same way.  She just won’t say it out load!).

Anywho, during an advertisement break of a rather riveting episode of Judge Mathis (Day Time television is the worst!) I saw a commercial for the Ped Egg TM (www.freepedegg.com)!  Could this unique invention Ergonomically Designed to fit into the palm of my hand be the answer to my prayers?  Ummmmm, I think i’ll pass… 

This thing just creeps me out.  For those that haven’t seen it, the egg shaped pedicure tool uses over 135 “safe” stainless steel blades (oxymoron) to “gently” remove dry and callused skin from your feet.  The genious of the product emerges when you remove the top cover of the “egg” to find the skin shavings ready for proper disposal.  I know, I know, sounds great.  But have you seen this thing?  The whole process just grosses me out. 

Catches Shavings...


I’m sorry if you started reading this entry looking for something profound or maybe an achilles recovery update.  I think it’s safe to say that the “cabin fever’ has gotten the best of me on this day.  Not much of a recovery update.  Second post-op visit is on the 11th.  I plan on walking out of the doctors office, and maybe getting a pedicure…

3 Week Update on Our Bilateral Super Hero

Greetings & Salutations Fellow ATR Family.  It has been quiet some time since I made an entry.  I will simply blame it on laziness (It’s not like I was doing anything else…).  Thank you to everyone that offered words of encouragement and comfort in my first post.  It has truly made this ordeal easier to bear.

When we last left our bilateral super hero, he was eagerly anticipating the removal of his initial casts and staples.  Well, this occured without incident on July 14th.

Prior To Staple Removal

After the doctor removed my staples, I was fitted for my ultra modish immobolizing boots.  I was told to continue with no weightbearing, ice, compress and elevate.  Thankfully, I do not have to wear the boots while sleeping.  Something I was truly dreading.  But the whole “weightbearing” thing confuses me.  So, I try to use my wheelchair and new found upper body strength as often as possible.  However, I cannot tell a lie and say that I haven’t walked over to the PS2 in order to switch from Madden to NBA Live.  I mostly crawl though…

Leaving the house for the first time was great.  Even if it was only to see the doctor (This was probably the first time i’ve been excited to go to the doctor ever in life.).  However, it made my wife and I realize that getting out of the house wasn’t that difficult.  So Tuesday we went to IHOP for dinner and Thursday to the movies to finally see “Wanted” (So much better than “Hancock”).  After both outings I didn’t want to go back home.  We have since returned to the movies to see “The Dark Knight” (Great if you’re a comic book person.  Heath Ledger was amazing!) and we’re planning another outing to see “Step Brothers” or “X-Files”.  It’ll be a gametime decision.

Oh yeah, so Achilles Recovery…

Thankfully pain has continued to be insignificant.  Slight twinges here and there, but nothing to brag about.  Since i’m in the boots, I can take showers.  I would not recommend this without a shower chair (bilateral or otherwise).  The chair made everything easier, except getting out of the shower.  At the end of the day, it all seemed like more of a hassle.  I think I may stick to the “Cowboy Showers” for now.  The shower did soften the skin and unfortunatley, I had some oozing from the left scar.  Being slightly worried, I had a doctor friend look at the wound and she determined that there was no infection, and that it was “normal” (whatever that means).

Left Scar

Slight seperation towards the middle of the wound.

Right Scar

No problems with the right wound so far.  Keep your fingers crossed.

I guess that’s all for now folks.  Who knew this would be so long?  I’m sure to have more updates when I go back on August 11th.  Until then, enjoy your respective forced vacations….

Have a Guinness

Down, but Not Out!

My mom always said that I couldn’t do things half way…

On June 2nd during a competitive league basketball game I suffered Bilateral Achilles Rupture while going up to block a shot. (Coincidentily, we lost by 2 in overtime, literally adding insult to injury.)  Oh and Yes “Bilateral” does mean the left AND the right Achilles ruptured.  It’s funny how when things like this happen, everyone around you becomes a medical professional; offering comments like, “You know you’re going to have to have surgery?”  Yeah genius?  Thanks for the update…

Anywho, like most of us the emergency room visit was followed by the subsequent Ortho visit, that ultimately lead to the “You know you’re going to have to have surgery” conversation.  After much internal debate and procrastination, I scheduled my surgery for July 3rd (I did mention procrastination right?). 

I highly recommend doing things you enjoy doing the days before the surgery as you will miss them during recovery.  My wife and I went to see “Hancock” (Retrospectively, I wish we would have seen “Wanted” instead…)  Surgery day went as smoothly as to be expected.  We had a wheelchair scheduling snaffu, but thanks to good friends and good drugs, it all worked out.  Other than the nausea, there was very little pain or discomfort day 1.  In fact, that was pretty much the best sleep i’ve had in years.

I anticipated pain and discomfort for day 2, but it never really came.  Same for day 3 and 4.  One week later, I have thankfully remained mostly pain free.  They say i’m built Ford Tough; I however wonder whether my doctor did anything.  Well we’ll find out on Monday, when the good doctor removes my cast.