So the Dr had my boot adjusted to 0 degrees from the -15 yesterday and I am cleared to start my PT and attempting to walk on it.

Sounds great - but there was the caveat that I am not to put weight on the leg until my heal is touching the bottom of the boot.. and at this point its not yet.  I’m sitting here bare foot seeing how far I can push my foot to the floor and its about 1/2″ away from the heal touching without going too far for the pain threshhold.

I start PT tomorrow in a pool - I hope they’ll be able to get me stretched out soon enough so I can start walking.

The last few weeks have been really trying and I am at my wits end being crippled and unable to do the things I normally do.
I need some advancement in order to keep motivated.

How long before you guys were able to get that foot down once cleared to do so?

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  1. normofthenorth Says:

    Your “15 degrees” boot adjustment sounds close to my 3cm heel lift (hard rubber wedges). Yours may even be more extreme, I haven’t checked the math.

    I was supposed to have a 2cm lift for my first 6 weeks (no surgery), but the techie put in 1cm extra by mistake. I was also cleared for FWB (”WBAT”) at 4 weeks, 2 weeks before the heel lifts came out. And I was padding around pretty well, no crutches or cane, before 5 weeks — still with the full heel lift.

    When I took out the wedges, all at once, my leg complained. I tried putting 1cm back in, and it still felt like “a stretch”, so I put 2cm back in, which felt like a reasonable progression. In a day or so, I was comfy taking out another 1cm wedge, and the last one came out a day or two later. (The whole chronology is on my blog.)

    Weirdly, the first two steps toward 0 degrees felt like a stretch, but the third step felt like a relief, MORE comfy than with the 1cm lift in!

    If I were you (and I’m NOT!), I’d find some heel-lift wedges (or “borrow” some from my ski boots) and make the transition gradual, instead of all-at-once from 15 to 0. Your boot might be able to do the same thing, dunno. (My own hinged boot — a Donjoy MC Walker — can lock or limit in positions that are 7.5 degrees apart, so you could at least split the leap in half.)

    I don’t think there’s generally any harm from bearing weight while still plantar-flexed (heel-lifted), so you could even return to your last position while gradually loading up that foot, and move toward 0 degrees at your own pace.

    Lots of people have peeled off heel wedges one at a time, over days or even a week or WEEKS. And some people who were at neutral in a boot were told to put wedges into their shoe when they first went to 2 shoes.

    There are a number of challenges when you start WB — maybe enough that you shouldn’t have to make an alignment change at the same time. Mostly foot pain, usually under the heel. It takes some getting used to. (Actual heel wedges change your alignment AND provide some heel padding, so many of us have found that we needed cushy full-length footbeds when the wedges came out. If your gimp-clomping is like mine, you’ll be clomping your bad heel down pretty hard with every pace.)

    My guess is, that the longer you keep your bad foot up in the air, NWB, the harder the transition to FWB will be. (My protocol called for “protected weight bearing with crutches” starting at 2 weeks, and it was VERY gentle for a week or so.)

    For most folks, most of these steps take a day or two or three, though some are told to go slower. Your 3-4 wks post-op seems like a reasonable time to make progress on both fronts (WB and alignment).

    Hope that helps!

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