I had my first post op meeting with the surgeon earlier this week on Wednesday. The incision is looking fine and he’s told me I have to stay completely off my leg for the next 3 weeks due to the higher than normal location of the tear on my Achilles.
The major pain is still gone, swelling tends to be an issue if I don’t keep my leg elevated.
My biggest complaint now is boredom. I normally have a hard time sitting still and this is absolutely driving me nuts.
So.. some swelling in the foot.. I’m not sure if that’s normal or not but I’m not terribly concerned about it just yet - I’ll give it another week and see where its at.
The Dr has allowed me to shower with no coverings so I can completely wash my leg and the wound which is nice.
I’m also supposed to start flexing my ankle just a little bit this week and continue with some leg raises and knee bends.

I think I over did it on the use this weekend as I really didn’t have my leg raised at all.. I wanted to build a new wine cellar since we just moved into this house so I had my foot in the moon boot (aka the Vaco-Ped) and was on the floor for 6 or 7 hours both days.. probably not the best idea but we were snowed in and like I said the boredom is killing me. I’ll do a better job this week of keeping it raised up.
Thats all I can report at this time!

7 Responses to “9 days after surgery… and counting”

  1. MaryK Says:

    Wow, I wouldn’t have attempted that big of a project even BEFORE my rupture! Take it easy, Foozed, even though the boredom is killing you— if you don’t elevate and rest and ice you might end up prolonging the time you are bored. I read a lot of books, watched TV on hulu.com, read this blog obsessively, meditated and prayed during the first two weeks after my surgery. It sounds crazy, I know, but I also visualized my healing.

  2. GerryR Says:

    My last surgery was October 7 and I still have issues with swelling at times, so it is something you need to get used to, especially if you tend not to keep your foot elevated much.

    “Knee bends?” The only knee bends I’ve heard of are done standing on the floor and are actually not very good for your knees. You’re not doing something like that are you because that would imply that you are FWB and your status is listed as NWB? How do you build a wine cellar on crutches?

  3. peteco Says:

    I would be interested in hearing more about the leg raises and knee bends. I am a few days ahead of you on this excellent adventure and at my 10 day visit, all I was given to do in terms of exercises was to push the front of my foot down against the boot to tense my calf and do some limited range movement of the foot (point down and then bring up). I hear you about the boredom…those first 10 days were miserable. Even now that I can shuffle around in the boot, I still am constantly reminded of my handicapped status. Little by little, I can do more…I grilled outside for the first time in 3 weeks the other day. That was an emotional lift for sure. I still spend much of my day with the leg elevated…wonder if that is good or bad for healing? Is it good for the leg to be down now for more circulation?

  4. Gerryr Says:

    Leave your foot down all day and you will soon discover why they tell you to keep it elevated as much as possible. I’ve been walking in two shoes for nearly 3 months and still have some swelling which my PT says is normal.

  5. foozed Says:

    I think the leg raises and knee bends were more general instructions to keep the muscles moving and loose.
    I exercised (haha.. used to before this..) regularly and was concerned about having a completely weak leg so my Dr said it was fine to move it around as I felt as long as I wasn’t putting strain or stress on the achilles.

    I have also been instructed to start moving my ankle this week and start making little circles with my foot, or spelling out things in the air with my toe as my surgeon put it - so I’m on the road to beginning the recovery.
    I CANNOT WAIT until i get put some weight on it.
    And yes - keeping it elevated as much as possible is a good thing - learned that this weekend. Swelling bad - not swelling good.

    Wine cellar.. well its the 3rd one I’ve built - get custom racks from Apex Wine Cellars and I basically crawled around the floor piecing them together and using a brad nailer with much assistance from my wife :)
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  6. 2ndtimer Says:

    I know it is a great mental challenge to stay on your back for 2 weeks or more - but elevating during this first period is very important for the proper healing. Save yourself the trouble later and keep the foot up!

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