2 days after surgery

January 24, 2010

So it’s 2 days after my achilles tendon repair - starting to see the brighter side of things with regards to pain.

The first 2 days, and especially the day following surgery were absolutely misreable.  I had elected to go with local anesthesia and a block on my leg.  The anesthesiologist said they’d have to ram a breathing tube down my throat for the general anesthesia which I was against, so I asked how the local with the block would be and he said I wouldnt remember a thing anyway (or feel or care) so I opted for that method.

Worked for me! I had no anxiety once they gave me my first cocktail just prior to administering the block.  I couldn’t feel  a thing, wasn’t nervous and was definitely in a euphoric state!  GOOD STUFF!

So the block lasts around 12 hours - so for my first 6 hours home I didnt think this whole thing would be too bad because I couldnt feel a thing.  Then - within 10 or 15 minutes the pain came on strong.  I was keeping my self drugged up with the 325/10 Hydrocodone’s but they weren’t really putting a dent in things.

They also put my VacoPed  boot on pretty tight which was also cutting the circulation on my foot so that was causing some extra unnecessary pain as wel - but  I didnt fix that until the day after surgery.
So anways - been using the Hydrocodones and the Tens3000 (not sure the tens does anything but I figure it can’t hurt and they put it on..)

Day 3 and the pain is becoming bearable.  It still throbs and theres definite soreness but its becoming bearable - unlike the first night teeth chattering pain I experienced.

Follow up visit with the surgeon on Wednesday, 5 days after surgery in a few days - will follow up then.

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  1. mari Says:

    I don’t know about the others here but I had no pain, at all.

    Stay off your feet, elevate and ice.
    I would call in to ask about the tightness of the boot, my cast got looser at some point when the post-op swelling went away.

    Ask them about using the tens too.

    Sorry to hear you are in pain.

  2. GerryR Says:

    I think your anesthesiologist was grossly exaggerating the breathing tube, unless he/she is a sadist and enjoys “ramming” a tube down people’s throats. I had three surgical procedures beginning on August 3 and ending on October 7, all under general anesthetic and never had a tube down my throat. To the back of my throat yes but not down my throat. I had a local once for surgery on my hand after rupturing a tendon in a thumb during a ski race.and while I was certainly out of it, it was not enjoyable. Glad yours went OK.
    Doctors seem to love to prescribe hydrocodone whenever someone needs pain medication. As far as I’m concerned the stuff is useless. I could 4 of them(325mg) and not get anywhere near the relief I get from just one Percodan or Darvon or two Percoset or Darvoset. You may have the same problem. Ask your doctor for a prescription for either Percodan, Percoset, Darvon or Darvoset. Just tell him/her that the hydrocodone doesn’t do anything.
    Be sure to keep your foot elevated, the higher the better. If your foot is throbbing, you may not be elevating it enough. The other reason it could be throbbing is that the vacoped is too tight. Or just try re-buckling it starting at the toe. When I was getting high-compression wraps from the wound care people I was told it was important to start wrapping at the toe and go up but never wrap down.

  3. Smish Says:

    Lately I have read several blogs where people had little to no pain. I think that is great for them but I don’t think Achilles ruptures are known for being painful injuries for no reason. I was in horrible pain after my surgeries that, in my opinion, was much worse than child labor. The first 2-3 days were the worst of it and then it slowly seemed to taper off. I used a combination of the hydrocodone 10/325 and then dilauded. I had to alternate every 2 hours and I was only on the dilauded for about a week after each surgery. I then went to just the hydro alone and that lasted for a couple of months. I am now pain free and drug free and have been since last May. My last surgery was a year ago January 29. Yeay!! Anniversary!
    Everybody is so different with their pain levels and then what pain killer works best for them. It will get better. The extreme pain will go away. Hang in there!

  4. foozed Says:

    The pain is definitely tapering off more and more each day - to the point where I’m only taking the hydrocodone in half doses every 5 or 6 hours now.
    The only real pain I have is when I put my leg down after being elevated for a few hours. The blood rushing down produces some throbbing for about a minute and a feel a stretching sensation in the upper achilles/calf area (which I think the Dr said was to be expected).
    So I’m definitely seeing an improvement - nothing like the first 2 nights thats for sure!!

  5. peteco Says:

    De-elevation pain will remain for a while, but everything else should go away fairly soon if it hasn’t already. I found that plain old advil did more for me than the oxycodone the prescribed…and you can take them at roughly the same time, maybe offset by 2 hours. As I type, I am preparing to drive myself to the doc for my first post-op checkup…so we will see where I really am with the leg down. My leg hasn’t been down for more than a few minutes in 10 days.

  6. foozed Says:

    Let us know how you make out Peteco

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