Moral Support/What to expect

I ruptured my Achilles on November 12, and had surgery on November 15. I was doing wind-sprints on a hardwood floor when it ruptured. Being an active person who skis all winter I’ve had a terrible time adjusting emotionally. Tomorrow I go in for my 6 week follow up and am anticipating being able to lose the crutches and start walking with my boot on. I’ve heard/read people having back issues because the boot sits much higher than a normal shoe. Any thoughts on shoe devices to even this out? Has anyone had this issue?

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  1. I have not had back issues. Maybe if you had back issues prior it makes them worse? The boot was actually a really nice reminder that theres hope. before the boot when you cant walk its hard. So the boot should help you emotionally. Good luck!

  2. I ordered an Evenup, but by the time it arrived I’d found I could keep the knee on the boot side bent a bit as the heel goes down, to compensate and keep the hips level.

    I’m hoping it also means a bit more upper-leg activation to help prevent atrophy in the quads etc.

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