Surgery is over…

Sorry, but I didn’t make the Monday post as I thought I would. Monday passed in a blur of doctor visit, labs, and OMG I am tired and sore everywhere.  So let’s back-track… Friday and the surgery went as well as I can remember.  After the second dose of Versed, I really don’t remember much, except that he was sorry to say he had to make two incisions to get all the spurs and ruptured tendon cleaned up and out.

Saturday I took my Percoset every four hours and kept the leg iced.  I got up and went back and forth to use the toilet with my knee walker. My only problem was that by the end of the evening my arthritic knee was red and hot with inflammation.

This my first time in  a fiberglass cast, but I have worn the foam protecting boot cast on more that one occasion.  The major difference is the the fiberglass cast is so hard.  By the end of Saturday, I already had a place under the upper lip of my cast that had rubbed raw from the pressure of the knee walker.

I used the wheelchair on Sunday and took it super easy; meds, ice, bring me this and that and only up for toileting and a shower that evening.  More on toileting and shower later.

Monday morning, it was off to the doctor, where the cast was taken off, incisions were looked at, given the thumbs up, and a cast was put back on. The whole thing took less than than 30 minutes.  I will go back in 11 days to have the stitches taken out and a new cast put on.

I am going to stop for now and will make more notes later on information related to showering, toileting, etc…

I will also enable my picture plugin so I can post a few lovely pix.

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