Fiberglass vs. Boot Cast

Even though my ankle feels like it is still swollen and I can feel darn near every stitch in both incisions starting to pull and sting, I will still take the boot cast over the fiberglass cast any day.  The fiberglass cast is heavy and hard and there is no way to get any relief  if you start to swell.  The boot on the other hand allows you to deflate and inflate to accommodate a little of that swelling.

Still I have to be careful to not let it too loose and cause rubbing or lessen the support that aligns the foot and heal to heal correctly. The worse feature of the boot cast is that it is much hotter inside than the fiberglass cast.  Still I recommend if you are given a choice or have problems with severe swelling, you ask the doc about the boot. For me, it’s a happier place to be.

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  1. flyred - it looks like you set your Goal to be -189 days from the surgery date for your ATR Timelie. Please fix this. If you need help, please let me know.

  2. Dennis, I do not understand how I am to change anything about the marathon. So yea, I suppose I do need help?

  3. FlyRed - From the Blog admin console, go to Appearance -> widget. And click on ‘Edit’ for ‘ATR NYC Marathon’. Just delete all values from the ‘Goal Date’. Otherwise, you can add a date, following the example format. Please let me know if you still have questions. thanks.

  4. Yah, I think boots beat casts, period, unless you’d take it off and go skipping around (in which case your ATR might not be your biggest problem! ;-) ) And your approach to adjusting the boot seems exactly right to me.

    Marietta/FlyRed, your history with your AT is a long and unusual one, but I think I’d still set your “date of ATR” to your surgery date, and not the beginning of your painful problems. FWIW. The AT wasn’t actually torn until the surgery, was it? 75-odd weeks post-ATR, and still immobilized and NWB, just looks way too sad to me!

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