Not One Step

So I have been wearing my boot faithfully, not one step without it. I am full weight bearing at this time. Christmas dinner was moved to the in-laws house and I have been trying to take it easy. For a while it seemed things were getting better. The swelling over my Achilles definitely began to subside. I can still feel the fusiform in there and it doesn’t feel as if it has shrunk any. I still have occasional sharp pains at the point of insertion on the outer side of my heel.

Then on Saturday night I woke up with sharp, needle-like pains at the point of insertion on the interior of my heel. It literally felt like someone had managed to implant a needle into my heel. I don’t know if I twisted it a certain way or what actually happened, but my first thought was: Crap, that spur broke.

It hurt a lot on Sunday with the pain seeming to move around a bit, so I took it easy on Sunday and by Monday morning it felt a lot better.  So I cleaned house all morning.  Then I went into the kitchen to fix a sandwich for lunch and all of the sudden I felt pain shooting through the inside of my heel again.  Strong enough that I cried out.  And so I sat done once again.

I see the doctor tomorrow and I guess we will know more then.

2 Responses to “Not One Step”

  1. Hoping you get good news at the doc tomorrow.

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