Yep, they gave me the boot!

Two days before Christmas!  So much for that dinner for thirty that I was supposed to cook.

If you read the front page of the blog, you will see that the last bit I posted was:

“On December 20 the MRI showed a large fusiform indicative of a past injury and a lot of inflamation.  On December 23, the Foot Surgeon took X-Rays and discovered bone spurs on the back of the heel.  Both were cracked and ready to break loose.  He also diagnosed Haglund’s Deformity along with concern for the thickened tendon.  He felt that we should try conservative treatment first.  And so, two days before Christmas, I received the gift of a knee-high AirCast FP Boot.”

I decided to blog a bit about my injury because it is hard to find much information about this particular set of heel problems and any type of treatment for them:  Hagland’s Deformity, a fusiform from a poor healing of a partial rupture, and cracked bone spurs rubbing against the thickened tendon that threaten to break off at any moment.

I hope to share what I learn and learn from anyone else with similar circumstances.  I do have a bit more to share, but it is late, so more tomorrow!

Thanks to all for letting me share in the trials and tribulations of  ”Bad Achilles, Bad!”

3 Responses to “Yep, they gave me the boot!”

  1. I had Haglunds as well combined with a partly ruptured achilles.

    I’m 14.5 weeks post-op and doing better.

  2. Thanks Mari,

    I will find out tomorrow what our next step will be. I am ready to go under the knife if that what it takes to just get me on the path of recovery.

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