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Could Have Been Worse

Saw the doc today and I guess I can’t complain too much.  Four more weeks in the boot cast, before I see the doc again, and I start PT on Monday; three times a week for four weeks.  We are trying to stretch the tendon out and reduce the fusiform from the partial rupture.  He feels [...]

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Not One Step

So I have been wearing my boot faithfully, not one step without it. I am full weight bearing at this time. Christmas dinner was moved to the in-laws house and I have been trying to take it easy. For a while it seemed things were getting better. The swelling over my Achilles definitely [...]

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Yep, they gave me the boot!

Two days before Christmas!  So much for that dinner for thirty that I was supposed to cook.
If you read the front page of the blog, you will see that the last bit I posted was:
“On December 20 the MRI showed a large fusiform indicative of a past injury and a lot of inflamation.  On December 23, the Foot [...]

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ATR Timeline

  • Name: FlyRed
    Location: Missouri
    Injured during: Fall on wet tiled floor
    Which Leg: L
    Status: NWB

    568 wks  1 day Post-ATR
    494 wks  1 day
       Since start of treatment

  • FlyRed has completed the grueling 26.2 ATR miles to full recovery!
    Goal: 365 days from the surgery date.
    Achilles NYC Marathon Course Sidebar Image

    Click here for the Group Marathon Tracker