Hi Folks, went to see my dr. last Thursday after four months in a cast. After all the reading I’d done, I was expecting to be placed in a boot and possibly start physical therapy. My dr. cut off the cast and said, “see you back in six weeks, work on stretching out your foot.” That’s it, no boot, no therapy, nothing fir six weeks. He said I’ll get the boot when I return after the six weeks and might start physical therapy then.

This is not in keeping with anything I’ve read about the recovery from an Achilles rupture. Any thoughts?

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  1. I think it all depends on when the doc is able to get your foot back to “neutral” (or at least at 10 degrees flexed). If your doc hasn’t been recasting your foot at closer and closer to neutral, then you shouldn’t need a cast at four months post-op? Unless your foot is still not able to get close to neutral and/or your surgery involved something way beyond “typical”, maybe you should try to see another ortho for a second opinion?

    Good luck, this injury is definitely not one of the fun ones…

  2. upon first read, I was going whoa, four months in a cast?!?! I think you meant 4 weeks in a cast as your earlier post mentioned December surgery. What position/angle was your foot last in the cast? Neutral? That’s just odd that you would go from a cast to NOTHING. You should be careful here. At 4 weeks, you’re pretty vulnerable to re-rupture.

  3. Flanker had surgery Dec. 17th, so he did mean weeks, not months, Surfer. Hope he’s OK, and hope he comes back now that the site is back up, and gives us a report!

    I’ve been addicted to this site long enough to see TWO extended outages, and things are unusually snoozy for a while afterwards.

  4. A lady I work with went from 7 weeks in a cast (NWB) to getting it taken off and getting nothing. But……….she started PT a week after the cast came off so for your doc to tell tell you just to ’stretch your foot’ for 6 weeks sounds crazy!! Can you partial weight bear or full weight bear? Are you still supposed to use crutches or not? Sounds very dangerous to me as you could easily trip/slip and re-rupture here.

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