Swimming After Surgery

Hi Folks, anyone out there do any swimming soon after surgery? I’m a triathlete and with running and biking out for awhile was thinking of getting in the pool asap. Any advice/comments?


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  1. As long as your injured AT is protected from stress and shocks and such — either because you’re swimming in a boot or cast, or because you’re in way over your head and you’ve got some great system for entering and exiting the water — I think it should be great, starting remarkably soon. I never got around to it myself, but the folks who have, have all raved about its positive effects physically and psychologically.

  2. If you can, install the “ATR Timeline” widget, instructions near the top of the main page. Very helpful to us readers.

  3. Howdy…I will be at 4 weeks post op on Monday, and plan to get into the pool in my VACOcast on Monday after my PT session. Doc said my incision is healing really well and that at week 3 I could go in, but hadn’t gotten around to it w/the holidays and such. I think it’s going to be a great way to get the “whole” body moving again and start building some general stamina. As NoTN said above, just be sure to keep your repair protected. Have fun!

  4. Oh…and by the way, just saw how recent your surgery was. You’ll prob. want to check w/your doc. as to how your incision looks regarding when you can submerge it in water. I got my stitches out at 9 days post op., and although the wound was healing very nicely, my doc. said showers were okay, but didn’t want my wound submerged in water yet. At 3 weeks he said no problems. I’d check w/your doc.

  5. It’s a pity~~I can’t swimming!!

  6. I have been through AT tear on each of my legs now, fifteen months apart. Both times i got int he pool the day after the stitches came out. First time around I had a waterproof cast on, second time around no cast after first two weeks. I found the swimmng to be the best thing, no stress and enables use and flexing as much as ‘it’ allows. I really felt much looser on days I swam. Also it is really the 8 week post ol point where you can push off, though second time around I started a little sooner. I did find with flip turns that you really push off with thigh and whole leg so there is not a ton of stress on the tendon, Though the issue comes if you are too close to wall and the foot gets too flexed. However you get used to pushing off with one leg as well. The pool also allows for some early balance work once you are a PWB. I say, jump in now!

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