Newly Injured

Hi Folks,

I tore my Achilles in my rugby club’s annual Over 30 vs. Under 30 match December 11. Had surgery last Friday, December 17.

I had been in training for a half ironman and the difficulty I’m having now is going from some form of activity literally everyday, to nothing.

Is there any type of exercise I can be doing at this stage a week after surgery? Crunches, leg lifts, and push-ups would be something, I’m just wondering about the wisdom of doing anything like that just yet.

Any advice would be great!


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  1. I know what you are going through. We are pretty close in our recovery stages as my surgery was Dec 5th. I was running 40 miles a week and now I am doing nothing and am concerned about gaining weight. I am too worried about doing anything yet until this cast comes off and the Dr says it s OK. This is too serious an injry to have any setbacks. Take it slow - our perserverance will get us back into shape.

    Happy Holidays

  2. I’ve actually lost weight but that’s probably muscle mass I’m sure.

    How long have you been casted?

    I’m in a splint right now, should get a cast on the 30th and was hoping at that point I might be able to do something, upper body weight lifting if nothing else.

  3. Certainly when you get in a solid boot (try to avoid being casted — it’s old-fashioned and not as effective), it’s pretty easy to do most rest-of-body exercises without much risk to the Achilles. Some ATR patients have managed to get into a swimming pool remarkably early on, either with a waterproof boot (with a “wringable” liner, or better TWO of them), or a waterproof “cast protector”.

    “Lifting your torso off the bed” type exercises can usually be done safely starting virtually immediately. Some of Doug53’s blogs outline some of the rest-of-body exercises he worked out for himself — in addition to the very aggressive post-op AT-and-calf exercises.

    Good luck, and good healing!

  4. Hey, that’s encouraging! If I could get back to swimming that’d be great! And that can be done once I get out of my splint and into a cast? I’m not familiar with a solid boot, what’s that?

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  5. If you Google something like “ankle orthotic boot”, you’ll find a bunch of them. The VacoCast (North America) aka VacoPed (UK & Europe) is the fave boot of the crowd these days, for a number of reasons. It’s hyper-adjustable, hinge-able, waterproof, and very space-age high-tech. Most people find them very comfortable. They’re all much more conformable and user-adjustable to eliminate sore spots, scar irritation, pressure points, etc. And they can be removed and put back on safely and easily, e.g., for exercise and PT and bathing.

    If you don’t like the way your boot feels, make it feel better, either by readjusting the straps or by adding a footbed or some padding, etc., etc. If you don’t like the way your cast feels, wait until you’re next at the hospital, and try to complain loudly enough to somebody that they’ll slice off the old one and throw it away and replace it with a new one that you may like better — and whose fundamental adjustments aren’t different in weird and wonderful ways, because each cast is a one-off marvel, usually constructed using the “TLAR” principle. (TLAR = That Looks About Right.)

    When a boot is set (or built and “fixed”) at neutral angle, it’s usually reliably there. Adding 2cm of hard rubber heel wedges has a predictable effect. Taking one out, ditto. . .

  6. I don’t see any reason why you can’t do leg lifts, pressups and prone holds with the casted foot on top of the other which is on the floor, other core exercises. I was doing them after the first week (non-surgical though).

    You’ll prob find leg lifts too easy, so try holding them for 10sec each time. I gave them up as too easy (without the holding 10s i mean), then when my PT got me back on to them a few weeks later i’d lost so much muscle they were hard!! Also no reason why you can’t do some upper body stuff. My doc suggested the ‘grinder’ if I had access to one (like on yacht racing) - but I did’t unfort.

    good luck…

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