I was planning on playing in my company’s flag football league. At our second practice, I ran a few routes and made some nice catches, but I was only going about 75% speed. I thought to myself, “Ok, this time, I’m going to run FAST!” That’s the last thing I thought before “WTF! Who nailed me in the back of the leg with the ball?!” I felt like fighting someone. I wasn’t in much pain at the time so I tried to walk it off and noticed that I really didn’t have the ability to push off with my toe. The rest of the guys heard the “pop” and one dude felt it in the ground. I’m wondering what the breaking force was… (I’m an engineer)

Anyway, I hoped it was just dislocated so I went to sit in the car and got on WebMd with my Iphone while the rest of the guys finished practicing. It didn’t take long to diagnose esp. after I put both of the feet on the dash and compared tendons. After that, my roommate who was also there took me to Chipotle and then to the ER. The bad part was that I got some sauce on my shirt so I kept getting whiffs of beef/bean/seasoning… blah! Anyway, you guys know the rest. I got into surgery a little less than 24 hrs after the event so I felt lucky to get on the route to recovery so soon. Tomorrow I’m going in after 2 weeks in my permanent cast to get an xray (don’t know why) and probably to get the stitches removed and a new cast. Fun