Sep 16 2009

Crutches BE GONE!!!

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Well, I wrote on Monday about my visit with my surgeon and how well that went.  The yesterday was my first PT appt since my visit to the surgeon.   I was hoping that I would go in and my therapist would greet me and tell me she saw my new orders  and all would be well.  Obviously that didn’t happen.  I got the usual, “Hey Ryan, get on the bike!”  LOL  So I rode for over 15 minutes.  I never know how much they want me to ride.  One visit it may be 10 minutes, the next could be 12 and then after that 9 minutes.  There never seems to be a rhyme or reason.  Oh well, I just usually go 5 minutes for a warm up then I really crank it up.  My AT never bothers me so I figure I may as well get a good work out in while I’m there.  So anyhow, I actually was riding for about 18 minutes when my therapist says, “Hey Ryan, you can stop at 15 minutes.”  Then she asked me to come over to the counter where she was.  She asked me how I was feeling and I told her that things were excellent and I felt awesome!  I then asked her if she had the new Dr’s orders from my appt the day before.  She hadn’t even looked yet.  I told her all the good news about loosing the crutches and getting “boot” free within the next week.  She said that was cool, the promptly told the receptionist to pull up my report to make sure I wasn’t lying.  Obviously, it all panned out. 

So the next part was pretty awesome.  She asked for one of my crutches and told me to walk over to the parallel bars that were about 40 feet away.  She told me to use my 1 crutch opposite side of my injury, and if I could to try to NOT use it.  So, I took off not even putting it on the ground for the first 15 feet.  She yell at me and told me to go ahead and carry it.  So I carried my crutch in my hand and walked over to the parallel bars no problem.  The look on both of my therapists faces was PRICELESS.  They both ran over and one of these women said “Holy shit, that was awesome!”  I was expecting to have to limp over and look pretty bad.  I pretty much walked over like normal.  The cam boot didn’t really hinder me at all. 

So the therapist had me do some leg lifts on the parallel bars which were no problem.  I was alittle nervous to put all my weight on my left side so the first time I went up on it I took it pretty slow.  It didn’t bother me a bit.  The rest of the set she told me to do wasn’t an issue.  So I ended up going through the rest of my appointment doing  a few new excercises and then she gave me my orders.  DO NOT use the crutches.  My orders were to walk as much as possible and make sure I don’t have a limp.  This will get me ready for next week when I loose the boot.  She also told me that if I start to feel some discomfort in my AT to go back to 1 crutch.  So far with a day and a half of walking this hasn’t happened.  Only discomfort I have had so far is a little in my hip.  Obviously, this is due to the fact that even with my shoe on the boot is higher off the ground than the sole of my shoe.  The discomfort only started setting in about bed time last night.  So far today I still feel awesome. 

So we’ll see what changes tomorrow at my appointment.  I’m anxious to see what she will say since my next PT session after that I should already be in 2 shoes.  I obviously have some questions of my own as well.  I know I have to have 1 heel pad lift in my shoe when I put it on, but what about when I’m home and don’t want my shoes on.  If I have to have my shoes on all day to walk I will, but what about at night after I’ve gone to bed.  If I have to run to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom, can I walk bare footed?  Should I use my crutches still in that situation?  Or do I actually have to put on shoes?  I have no idea.  That’s my major questions.

I hope all are healing well and if you’re not already to the stage I’m at I wish everyone a quick recovery to get here. 


4 Responses to “Crutches BE GONE!!!”

  1. chuckvon 16 Sep 2009 at 4:35 pm

    Grab the crutches and go bare foot. Remember you’re half asleep…take your time. Get used to your surroundings. Know where you can brace yourself and by all means pee like a girl.


  2. sam66on 17 Sep 2009 at 2:30 am

    Hi Ryan,

    I know that middle-of-the-night or early morning loo (bathroom for you I guess) trip. I’m wearing my trainers from the moment I’m up properly ’till the moment I go to bed, but if I need to get up in the night I’m barefoot. As I still can’t get the heel flat to the floor on my injured leg I tend to go back to the 2 crutches with one leg hop, but wait a few seconds to get my balance when I first stand up. Too scared to risk anything else at the moment.

    And as for peeing like a girl - at least you shouldn’t lose your balance.


  3. 2ndtimeron 17 Sep 2009 at 7:22 am

    That is a pretty fast transition indeed. Do not do anything that does not feel right.
    Congratulations, ditching the crutches is a great relief!

  4. dsut4392on 17 Sep 2009 at 11:25 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    Feels good doesn’t it!
    You may not need any heel lift when you go to 2-shoes. I went to 90 degrees in the boot at 4 weeks post-op, and straight to normal shoes with no lift at 6 weeks. I also shuffled around the house barefoot a little before going to shoes full time, e.g getting between shower and bed.
    As chuck said, take care with what you do when you’re half asleep, but YMMV may vary on the crutches. I actually found the crutches more trouble than they were worth when negotiating the stairs, and was safer shuffling by night and hopping by day (with good support from the handrail, and assumes your foot goes to 90 degrees comfortably)

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