Half Marathon in June - Time To Start Training

There’s a half marathon here on June 12th and I intend to be in it.  I won’t be able to run it as it’s a hilly course but I should be able to walk it.  I can only walk for 20 minutes now but I’ve got a training plan in place that I’ll be taking to the physical therapist tomorrow to get his approval.  It’ll be close but I think it’s doable.  The eccentrics are still only to the floor but the flexibility is up to 11/13.  Yes, that’s gastroc/soleus -  the gastroc is tight, it keeps guarding.   Before all this happened I was at 22/18 and that’s where I want to be again.   Feels so good to have a tangible goal!

4 Responses to “Half Marathon in June - Time To Start Training”

  1. Way to go!! let us know how it goes

  2. Awesome goal, go for it!

  3. Thanks, I think the 2017 prep guite should be made. Thanks

  4. Then met with PT. Flexibility has returned matching the right foot. I think he wanted 20 degrees and we got that