Recovery is darn slow

It’s 2 months, 2 weeks since surgery. I’ve been in PT since 6 weeks post surgery. It takes literally NOTHING to honk off the tendon. I still can’t swim with my legs and cannot do calf raises even with pretty much all my weight on my good leg. I can bike for a whopping 5 minutes at a stretch. They had me try out their special leg press machine at PT on setting zero. It felt like I was maybe taking on 2% of my body weight - felt like I might just fly off the darn thing. It felt okay at the time but not the next morning. It has taken two weeks of nothing but ultrasound, ice and stretching sans weight on the injured leg to get to the point where I can walk without a limp again.

So incredibly frustrating. I’m only teaching stability ball and pilates.   Sigh, I want to dance but I’d settle for taking a walk right about now.

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  1. I am thinking your surgery was somewhat different frm a typical ATR, so may be you are expected to recover at a different rate?

    Other then that, I would suggest getting a second opinion if you have such an option. From some of the posts I read, there were people who just took longer to recover and there were people who found out that they needed either a different PT protocols or in some cases additional treatment. For example, see Annieh post.

    Everyone seams to agree that we have to become our own advocates.

    Good luck with your recovery.

  2. It is a slow recovery and that can be frustrating for active people. Hang in there, be a stoic. I returned to basketball a little more than 7 months after my rupture and surgery, still not 100% but feeling well enough to play competitively in pick-up games.

  3. I can’t believe I only found another Haglund’s ‘victim’ here today.

    I had surgery on Oct 2nd, they also thinned my achilles because of damage to it so I had a double whammy.

    My timeline?
    *For 30 days splint and no weight baring.
    *Orthopedic boot and no weight baring for 3 weeks
    *at week 8 boot and partial weight baring.
    *week 9 started PT
    * week 10 no more boot.
    I’m now at the end of week 11 and full weight baring.

    I work at a gym but don’t teach classes and was not allowed to go back to work for 2 months because it needed to heal past 9 weeks to avoid a rupture.

    Honestly, are you maybe going a bit too fast and too intense?
    I cringed when I read it took 2 weeks with pt to be painfree.

    You should have little or no pain by now.
    I was in so much pain before surgery and it’s feeling awesome so far.
    I can tolerate the sheets on my foot and a heel strap!

    Feel free to read my blog here.

  4. If you can walk without a limp, that is already a great success at 2 and a half months post op! I have not even tried anything like that before 3 months. Patience….

  5. I believe it that your surgery is different that a typical ATR because of the Haglunds. I too had that at the same time they did the FHL transfer. I have no pain from the achilles, but still some lingering from the Haglunds. It has been a year and 17 days since surgery. While it as been a VERY slow recovery, things are looking up. It is very hard when you are an active person. Hang in there. I can guarantee it will get better

  6. Gosh, you are so right, its like one day you reach a milestone and then spend a day or two feeling you’ve gone backwards. I told my physio, pain I can stomach, but feeling the foot numb when the achilles swells is another. Its taken complete faith in my physio and being fed up sitting to even get me walking on crutches today whereas 3 nights ago was walking without. Is inactivity worse? Thank goodness for PT tomorrow…..I miss spinning, squash, even swimming.

  7. Linda(rosamundi1),
    Do you mean spinning as in spin bikes? If so, there is no reason you can’t do it now. It doesn’t really put any weight on the foot. I’ve been riding my trainer at home and I feel absolutely nothing in either ankle while I do, no matter what my cadence is. Just don’t put all your weight on your bad foot when you mount up.

  8. No, I mean swimming as in water. Biking/spinning is fine as long as the resistance is very low.

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  9. Thank yo very much for this awesome article. I’ve read your articles for a decent time now, and they are always getting better. :) Cheers

  10. Hi,
    I had haglunds deformity surgery, just to shave the bone, no reattachment of achilles. Had Brostoms at same time. Surgery date was June 8th and one month later I am able to start running! Not full out but podiatrist said 10 minute walk, 2 minute run, and move those two closer together. First week i was in weight bearing Cam walkter but foot totally elevated, only walk to bathroom. 2nd week a bit more walking but not alot. 3rd week, stitches removed, I could walk w.sneakers at home, and at work (desk job) but had to wear Cam walker outside. I was allowed to ride my trainer (bike.) This week, no more Cam walker. Still have burning at incision sight on heal, and I am a bit timid w./it at times….Amazing podiatrist here in Vermont. He did my bunion 3 years ago, similar recovery.

  11. Vtannie: Can you tell me the podiatrist you saw in VT?

  12. First post…

    Had haglunds deformity removed on 4 Apr with 40% detachment of achilles, first couple nights were painful. Was in a cast /splint with no weight bearing for 7 weeks and then in the cam walker for 2 weeks.

    Got out of the boot 6 June. Still sore and tender on the back of the heel with swelling at the end of the day. Doc says use it and tylenol 3x day for swelling and pain. My doc doesn’t recommend PT, figures after 9 weeks you’ll push through on your own. Seem to be walking better every day.

    My goal has been to run by july 4th and that hasn’t changed. Even around the block will be fine with me. After 9 weeks of none to limited walking have a lot of work to get my left leg in some semblance of shape.

  13. I am looking at Haglund”s surgery next week and wondering if all this slow recovery has been worth it? I guess I’m wondering if you would do it again?

  14. Preparing for surgery. a little nervous having gone through this before with my left Achilles. Now developed haglund in right ankle and I am not looking forward to being off my feet for weeks again. Just praying the recovery is better than the last. Crutches was so hard to get around on. Hope for the best.