Half Marathon in June - Time To Start Training

There’s a half marathon here on June 12th and I intend to be in it.  I won’t be able to run it as it’s a hilly course but I should be able to walk it.  I can only walk for 20 minutes now but I’ve got a training plan in place that I’ll be taking to the physical therapist tomorrow to get his approval.  It’ll be close but I think it’s doable.  The eccentrics are still only to the floor but the flexibility is up to 11/13.  Yes, that’s gastroc/soleus -  the gastroc is tight, it keeps guarding.   Before all this happened I was at 22/18 and that’s where I want to be again.   Feels so good to have a tangible goal!

Recovery is darn slow

It’s 2 months, 2 weeks since surgery. I’ve been in PT since 6 weeks post surgery. It takes literally NOTHING to honk off the tendon. I still can’t swim with my legs and cannot do calf raises even with pretty much all my weight on my good leg. I can bike for a whopping 5 minutes at a stretch. They had me try out their special leg press machine at PT on setting zero. It felt like I was maybe taking on 2% of my body weight - felt like I might just fly off the darn thing. It felt okay at the time but not the next morning. It has taken two weeks of nothing but ultrasound, ice and stretching sans weight on the injured leg to get to the point where I can walk without a limp again.

So incredibly frustrating. I’m only teaching stability ball and pilates.   Sigh, I want to dance but I’d settle for taking a walk right about now.

cast covers

For those of you not sure if the cast covers are all that good …  the Duro-Med Adult Short Leg Cast Cover I found listed on this site is awesome as it works as advertised.   I’ve used it three or four times since surgery and the rubber gasket does a great job of keeping everything below it completely dry.   Bit of a challenge getting it over the heel area for those of us in boots/casts but do-able.  Well worth the money as duct tape and garbage bags are a real hassle.

What to expect in recovery from Haglund’s deformity surgery

I’m a fitness instructor who had a partial rupture of the achilles (left) about 14 months ago. I was coaching two teams and then went to a training session for coaches. It didn’t hurt at the time but the next morning, I couldn’t even walk it was so incredibly painful. After 14 months of physical therapy, exercises, boot, ASTYM, cortisone shots, etc., it became obvious that although the partial rupture had to have healed, things were getting worse, not better.

I had surgery last Friday (Oct 2) to remove the Haglund’s deformity and am wondering what kind of recovery time can I expect? The surgeon put me in a boot and said “PWB as tolerated.” It’s been 7 days since surgery and I tried PWB yesterday and today I can say emphatically that is was not well tolerated the following day (today) as my pain level is up.

Anybody else had this surgery and farther along in the recovery process? I really don’t know what to expect and how hard to push it.  I’m slated to go back to teaching 14 days post surgery but it will only be a pilates class. At 30 days though, I’m supposed to return to teaching a weightlifting class. Is that even going to be doable?

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