Honeymoon Rupture

I ruptured my Achilles’ tendon on my honeymoon in Hawaii . I  fell into a crab hole and heard the pop none of us want to hear. I was still able to walk and manage to enjoy the rest of the vacation while being in agonizing pain. I went to the emergency room and their diagnosis was a sprained ankle and they stated it would take a couple of months to heal. My condition never improved so I made a appointment with a foot specialist. He ordered a M.R.I  and determined it was a rupture which required a tendon transplant. This type of surgery was beyond his expertise so I was referred to another surgeon. The surgery was performed  on sept.17, 2013 and was successful. It’s going to take 9 months for a complete recovery. The miss diagnosis in the emergency room has caused me to go through  six more months of recovery time. I work in the fitness industry and the down time is driving me nuts but I fully understand the importance of giving the tendon time to properly heal.

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