“You’ll Roll In and then Walk Out.”

Well, the time has come for my 2nd post op.  I went in and the doctor evaluated my leg again.  Asked me how things were going and how I felt.  It was pretty short and fairly uneventful.  I was given clearance to turn in my knee scooter and was advised that I would be FWB in the boot from here on out.  My doc told me that I will be wearing my walking boot 100% of the time and after about a week that I could start going without the boot while at home.  She also adjusted the angle of my boot from 15 degrees to 5 degrees.  Lastly we spoke about what would happen at my next appointment which was scheduled a month away.  She said that I’d need to bring a left shoe because I’d be losing the boot that day and back into two shoes!  And she said isn’t sure if I’ll need formal physical therapy yet but I do know that I want PT and I will be requesting it for at least a month.

That’s it…after our meeting, I gently walked out under my own power.  It was a wonderful feeling.  I didn’t waste any time driving back to the medical supply place and returning the knee scooter so I wouldn’t be tempted into using it anymore.  That actually isn’t a temptation at all…I’m rather glad to be rid of it.  I was thankful for it’s usefulness but loathed lugging it around everywhere I went AND having to explain why I had it to everyone!

Happy healing all!!

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  1. AJ says:

    Story sounds familiar. I was surprised when they told me at my last visit I could go FWB in the boot. Next appointment is Aug 23 where they will likely tell me I can go to 2 shoes. I have been gingerly walking around at home without the boot some it is just very stiff and tight when I do so. I too had the scooter and it was nice to get ride of. Although my surgeon doesn’t have his patients starts PT until 3 months post-op (would be Sept 17 for me), I went ahead and met my PT once just for an evaluation. However I am going once a week for some light stuff just to keep some momentum. Have you attempted to walk without the boot yet? Does your Achilles feel really tight?

  2. firemedic1 says:

    I can definitely answer your questions as I’m a little behind in my posts and haven’t updated yet. I’m set to have post op #3 on Wed 8/10. On Aug 3, 1 week early, I called and requested that I be allowed to be in 2 shoes full time. My recovery has being going well and I felt that the boot was doing more to hold me back than to aid in my recovery. I was granted my request and I’ve been 100% FWB in 2 shoes since last Wed, 8/3. It feels great. It’s stiff at times but doesn’t take long to get warmed up and back to normal. I have little to no limp. I haven’t done any PT but will find out more about that this Wed.

  3. AJ says:

    What week post-op are you?

  4. firemedic1 says:

    Today is exactly 9 weeks post op to the day. I was given permission and went back into 2 shoes after 8 weeks 2 days. I was able to FWB outside the boot AT HOME at 6 weeks 2 days.

  5. AJ says:

    Ok I am in week 8 so we are very close. It just feels very tight when I try and walk outside the boot.

  6. oscillot says:

    Keep it up, almost there! PT is a good idea. Mine didn’t just walk me through exercises, he also gave me these excruciating “massages” to break up scar tissue. On one occasion, it sounded like bubble wrap inside my ankle and I gained a significant increase in range of motion.

  7. robertinsouthafrica says:

    Your recovery time seems amazing. Very inspirational.

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