So Monday was supposed to be a great day. I was going back to work 7 days post op. The surgery went well and I had been 7 days pain free. I was in a splint and had been mobile using a knee walker.

Hi Ho Hi Ho…It’s off to work I go!

The day started off well, I checked into work and they lined out what I’d be doing and how to log my hours. I work as a firefighter/paramedic so I haven’t had a time sheet for years! It was new to me…haha. My light duty job would be as a paramedic instructor for our dept medic program. Not bad…beats pushing papers. It’s M-F which is like torture…I’ve been used to working 24 hr shifts with 48 hrs off between shifts (’s awesome.).

Anyway, I was directed to go sit in the class and observe and be expected to get right after it the following day.  3 hrs after getting there, IT happened. Murphy and his damn law showed up! I guess the ATR wasn’t enough!  I was to include insult to said injury as well.

Murphy…is that you??

I was moving across the parking lot and hit a dip/crack/perfect storm which jarred my knee walker handles one way while my body went the other way.


OS: You will stay NWB for at least 4-6 weeks.
Me: You got it! Zero weight.


I suddenly find myself falling forward with the walker between my legs and involuntarily thrusting my 7 day old surgically repaired leg toward the ground to break my fall. I remember thinking, as I fell in what seemed like slow motion, NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

Murphy: Yes. *maniacal laugh*

I crashed to the ground and felt my foot damn near touch my shin!  Well, that’s what it felt like in my head.  I knew instantly I’d screwed up and screwed up Huge!  All I knew is that I needed to get to my Dr right away.  I called the Ortho right away and demanded (kindly, by explaining my predicament) that I speak to my OS’s tech right away.  I was able to get to her and explain what happened.  She made me an appt for the next day as my OS was currently in surgery for the day.  The rest of the day was choked full of fear and regret and anger and fear and more fear.  Did I mention that there was some modicum of fear?   As for the pain…Nothing hurt, but it didn’t hurt before the surgery either so I could’t be certain that I hadn’t reinjured my AT.  I could move my foot and I could feel my calf activate with movement of my foot too so I assumed it was good sign.  Still the fear persisted.

Pre-post op #1

At the appt, my splint was cut off and I viewed my leg for the first time in over a week.  It looked…like I’d had surgery. Still didn’t hurt, wasn’t swollen. Dr did her thing and politely, as if ribbing me, told me she wouldn’t have expected anything like this from me and thought that I’d be more coordinated….Har har.  I relayed that I felt the same way.  She touched and poked and prodded and stated that the tendon was still intact and that I’d be fine.  Still I was leery. Happy!  But leery.  They fitted me for a boot set at 15° plantar flexion and told me to come back next week to get the stitches removed.  She told me to keep it dry and I can now take the boot off and begin moving my foot gradually.  With that, I was released and I left.

As soon as I got home I removed the boot and decided that I wasn’t ready for 15° after my fall and that I’d rather stay plantar flexed at 22.5° instead.  I readjusted it myself to 22.5° and now feel much better.  I feel that if I did stretch things out a bit when I fell that 22.5° would be better for letting things settle down in hopes that I don’t heal long.  Feels good.

But wait…there’s more!

Lastly, as if this weren’t long enough, I decided to order a VACOcast pro!

I found one on eBay and won the auction at far below retail.  I can’t wait to get it and try it out and ditch this Frankenstein-esque boot!

Moral: please be careful guys! Don’t fall and tread lightly on your knee walkers and crutches! That was a day of woe that I hope K never have to relive!

2 Responses to “Case of the Mondays…”
  1. AgnesATR says:

    Glad to hear you are ok after the fall! :) I can imagine the fear before you saw the doctor the next day… Enjoy the temporary gig as an instructor! You never know what you might learn yourself. ;) This injury definitely causes us do things that we would not do as our healthy selves.

  2. danniesays says:

    Thanks for the colorful story! Sorry to hear of the injury.

    Yes, those damn cracks in the ground. Now I am waaay more aware of them.

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