First Night

I had my surgery on a Monday and I felt great afterwards!  I’d attribute much of that to the pain meds coursing through my veins.  I began taking my Norco plus other pills noted in a previous post.  I slept well and continued to have no pain.  I am fortunate enough to have a bed that I can elevate the legs so that assisted with being comfortable.  I didn’t put it up the whole way since I didn’t want to make my wife completely uncomfortable so I supplemented the elevation with a couch cushion which helped a lot.  I was uncomfortable having my leg directly on the bed so the cushion and it’s padding did the trick.  Otherwise all was good,  I had a little bit of discomfort but that was due to not being able to move my foot much and I felt like my wound dressing was pulling at my stitches and scabs a bit.  At times I could feel a cool sensation at the incision point which I just figured was oozing blood.  Pain = 0

Morning after….

I woke up at a normal time and to my amazement, I still felt like a champ.  Pain still nil.  I had an orthodontic appointment at 9 am that I wasn’t sure prior to the surgery that I could make it to but I felt like it wouldn’t be a problem once I woke up and felt the way I did.  In fact, I considered driving myself to the appointment even though I was told not to drive any vehicles for at least 24 post op.  I had already spoken with my mother about giving me a ride around town in the morning to run some errands so I just let her take me even though I felt good enough to drive.  Turns out that I’m very glad that I did.  Once I got up, started moving around and about halfway to the orthodontist’s office I felt sick to my stomach and a little woozy.  I breathed my way through the sensations, sucked it up and didn’t say anything.

The dentist trip went well and was fairly quick, the next stop would be the voting booth.   I can’t pass up my opportunity to vote….its my right and it’s very important.  The voting site was not busy at all and after explaining to the booth workers why I was all bandaged up and on a knee scooter, I cast my vote and went on my way.  During this time I found that I was quickly moving downhill.  I felt groggy and tired and the nausea had returned.  Upon leaving the voting site, I mentioned needing to renew my driver’s license and my mom said it was no problem for her to run me over there.  By this time I was barely hanging on, the grogginess was increasing but fortunately I still had no pain.

We arrived at the DL office and I could see from the outside that I wanted no part of waiting in line or dealing with renewing my license at this time.  I told my mom, no way….I can’t do it…take me home.    I was home 5 or so minutes later.  I took my meds as I was up against my 4 hrs since I’d last taken them, got a small bite to eat and laid down.  That’s the last I remember.  I passed out and was out for hours.  Looking back, I think that with all the moving around that I did that morning I mobilized any latent anesthesia still in my system which proceeded to bring back the nausea, grogginess and eventually an unconscious state.  Oh well…at least I got a nap.  After i woke up I felt fine and the rest of the day was uneventful.

Pain = 0.

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