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I ruptured my achilles playing soccer on 10/18/11.  I am a 39 year old male, 5′ 10″, 195 pounds.  I am overweight by any standards but exercised on a daily basis for at least one hour.  I have three young children that keep me very active. 

The surgery occurred on 11/1/11 and I had my first post operation appointment today.  Apparently all is good thus far, my Doctor told me to begin putting weight on my injured leg and to use the crutches for balance.  I am not suppose to push off using my toes and kind of put the weight on the flat part of my foot only.  He has scheduled PT to begin 12/15/11.  According to everyhting I have read thus far this seems to be pretty agressive.  If someone else has a similat timeline give me a heads up, a little concerned about his schedule.

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  1. Are you in a cast? splint? Boot? Plantar flexed? Wedges?

    PWB at day 13 is fairly aggressive, but not unheard of. FWIW, I went PWB (boot w/ wedge) at day 19.

    If you want to compare your schedule to others, you can look here:
    There are a lot of people who were PWB at less than 2 weeks. Then again, there are lots of others who were much longer until PWB. You’re going to find that treatments and protocols are all over the map; there does not seem to be a very consistent standard of treatment.

    I do not think “PT” at 12/15 is too early, or unusual. That will be about day 45 for you. That’s exactly when I had my 1st PT consult.

    Good luck, and keep us posted.

  2. Boot and wedges. You are correct, looking at some of these other timelines two weeks PWB is more common then i thought. Thanks for the info.

  3. Hi fimpag, you’ve started your blog the day i had my atr playing soccer as well…good to know that you’re making progress and in a boot already. I had surgery on wed and i have been told that i will be going to a cast likely on wed as well. Should i ask for a boot? I’m not sure about all the different approaches by different docs and the rationale for it…perhaps it has to do with age, physical fitness and degree of rupture? There’s lots to read here and perhaps others will add and comment.
    Best recovery,

  4. I was in a cast for 2 weeks after surgery. Doc usually does 10 days, but I went to Disneyworld, so he waited until I got back. The cast was easier to deal with because it was much lighter than my boot.

  5. Gabe, the doctor started me out from the begining in a boot. I like it now because i can give my leg/foot a breather once a day and take it off. Overall things are still going well. Good luck.

  6. Nice to get a breather and have some air in there. Good luck to you,

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