Pleasently Suprised

Nineteen days post surgery and I have to say things are going better then I anticipated. My family has been very supportive and without them this situation would be much worst. My wife and two boys have been willing to help me out anytime I ask for assistance. Also, I went back to work this week and was shocked on how nice perfect strangers have been. Everytime I have to deal with some type of obstacle (doors) there seems to be somebody going out of thier way to help me. Being acceptative of help takes a little getting use to but the kindness that I have been recieving is very heart warming.

The only thing that I am really concerned about at this time is swelling (ball shape) on the top of my foot that does not want to go away. I have been getting around with one crutch and heel walking on my boot in the house. I feel a little tingling in the incisison but no pain. I am a little concern that I am pushing recovery but I am following the instructions from my doctor.

Side note: A little something that has helped this process is finally getting serious about watching what I eat. I was concerned about gaining more weight since my injury so I started tracking my calories. Well it has been a good feeling to have “control” over something during this recovery. I have used “My Fitness” app on my Droid to help keep track of my calorie intake. I have notice the weight loss and it gives me something to focus my energy at rather then constantly being concerned about the injury.

Hello All

I ruptured my achilles playing soccer on 10/18/11.  I am a 39 year old male, 5′ 10″, 195 pounds.  I am overweight by any standards but exercised on a daily basis for at least one hour.  I have three young children that keep me very active. 

The surgery occurred on 11/1/11 and I had my first post operation appointment today.  Apparently all is good thus far, my Doctor told me to begin putting weight on my injured leg and to use the crutches for balance.  I am not suppose to push off using my toes and kind of put the weight on the flat part of my foot only.  He has scheduled PT to begin 12/15/11.  According to everyhting I have read thus far this seems to be pretty agressive.  If someone else has a similat timeline give me a heads up, a little concerned about his schedule.

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