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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy (early) Thanksgiving everyone.  Finally walking around in the boot, but I didn’t realize how much weight I was actually putting on it when I was transitioning to PWB.  For me at least, it was a lot of mental to trust the boot.  Went from 1 crutch to no crutches in a few days.  Just making sure I elevated and iced at night.  Glad it’s getting colder because wearing a snow boot to bring me closer to even has really helped the random pains in my knee from walking with the boot. Definitely getting some range of motion back and feel like I’m getting close to two shoes. PT starts Monday although I’ve done a lot of light ROM stuff on my own.

6 Week Check-In

Just finished my 6 week post-op visit and wound looks good. I was a little bummed not to be able to start PT yet, but the Doc wanted a full 8 weeks post surgery to start PT. He does want me to move to FWB (in boot) over the next two weeks and continue ROM exercises on my own. So at least that’s progress. Next step, PT right after Thanksgiving. What are normal timelines to get out of the boot, 10-12 weeks?

First Post - Just Jumping In

Hey All -

This is my first post (4.5 weeks post-injury, 3.5 weeks post-surgery).  Out of the cast for a week and starting very light ROM activities.  All the posts I’ve read are very helpful thus far.  I don’t have much to contribute yet.  Although by far my best purchase was a rollabout scooter to get around work.  Once you get over the initial embarrassment of ‘cruising’ around the office, it’s just way easy for anyone in a big office.  I’ve gotten a bell and streamers to keep a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Excited to get into the pool once the wound heals.