Can you do a heel lift? Hahaha….riiiiiiight

I am in my second week of physical therapy. My therapist is extremely happy with my ROM and got my first 15 minutes on the bike today. He asked me to try a heel lift…needless to say I am not quite there yet. I guess doing one on the good foot doesn’t count. I’m walking well in the cam boot, and we were able to get the nursery painted and put together during the long weekend. Another weight lifted off our shoulders and a big confidence booster on how I felt after recovering for a day.

Not much else to report…counting down the days until Sept. 30th, the tentative date for 2 shoes! And getting awful close to that due date :)

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  1. kellygirl on September 4th, 2013

    Lol! I’m still imagining that heel lift. The boot is pretty awesome, is’t it. The boot did amazing things for my state of mind after those long weeks of NWB! I’m glad that your transition went well and that you are able to get some pre-baby things done.

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