Signed off from the Doc! It’s all over.

April 27th, 2012

Six months to the day since my operation I was signed off by my Doctor yesterday. He told me that the achilles and calf were both back to full strength and I shouldn’t have any worries now about resuming any kind of activity.

I’ve already been back up running for nearly 2 months and last week ran 12 miles with a friend training for the London Marathon - this without any real pain at all. It still looks thick and a bit swollen but I guess I hadn’t much hope of being an ankle model anyway!

So - for all those in your first few days and weeks - be hopeful that you can beat this thing quickly. This will probably be my last post, so here are a few thoughts from me before signing off:

1) I know this is a really tough debate, but I had surgery and I’m pleased I did.

2) There’s no point at all in pushing yourself to walk or stand too early. Really important to do everything the physio says for the first few weeks. However (and this is the important bit) once you are fully weight bearing and back in shoes then my advice is to really go for it and walk every day, each day a little bit further. I pushed through quite a lot of pain in those early weeks and I’m really pleased I did. Being able to walk a mile without a limp early on was crucial for me and I worked very hard at it.

3) Lots of people have said it - but take the time in the few weeks in the cast and boot to slow your life down and make some permanent adjustments.

4) This website was hugely useful to me - so thanks to all the regular contributors and admin team.

Good luck to everyone in their recovery journeys. I know I’ve been lucky and have got back quicker than average. But hopefully this good news story will be helpful to at least one or two people - and give hope to those in the first few days.

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