up and about

December 20th, 2011

First week or so in shoes now complete - and I’m now able to walk a mile or two without too much discomfort and have also ventured back onto public transport.  Even had a little go back driving the car again at the weekend.

The walking is generally good.  It’s painful to a point, every day something slightly different.  I’m focussing quite hard on trying to keep as normal a gait as I can and trying to ignore the pain rather than the other way around.  Feels like it’s paying off as I really do feel like it’s improving.

For the first time I feel that this is all going to end at some point and life (and my foot) will get back to normal.

Now have a cold though!

A few good ‘firsts’

December 11th, 2011

Well - I’ve made it back to two shoes - at least round the house. I suspect I still may use the boot from time to time for being out and about.

Everything seemed to happen very quickly from going down to one crutch and one wedge about 10 days ago. As soon as I started to put some more weight on the right leg it almost came back to life, and within a few hours I was taking a few steps with no crutches. Both the surgeon and physio told me I could go into shoes as soon as it felt comfortable and I didn’t need much encouragement!

So this weekend has been great. First time out in shoes (crocs have been a good tip for round the house), a first swim yesterday and a first shower.

Hope I’m not moving too quick, but somehow my body is telling me to get going and instinctively it feels like it has to be better to be using the thing and starting to straighten it out and strengthen it.

Slightly worried about a bit of a lump that appears from time to time about an inch above the rupture. Doctor says it is nothing to worry about and will go over time.

Anyway - have happily updated my ‘ATR timeline” status - moved through FWB and into two-shoes in one update.

And although I wish this had never happenned, at least things seem to be moving forwards finally.

Massaging… any tips?

December 3rd, 2011

Appreciate any tips or advice from fellow ATR sufferers as to whether I can/should be massaging the site myself at home.

I’m 6 weeks in - rehab is going OK and I’m down to one wedge in the boot and using one crutch. Physios haven’t done any massage yet, but I’m kind of keen to start myself.

Any advice / do’s and don’ts from others would be much appreciated - thanks in advance.

One Crutch

December 2nd, 2011