A good few days

November 28th, 2011

Been a few days since I wrote, and happy to say it’s actually been very positive with quite a lot going on.

I’ve seen the physio three times now - once on Thursday, once Saturday and again this morning (Monday). On one level it was a bit frustrating since >75% of what she is focussing on seemed to be peripheral (leg raises etc etc) and I’m used to sports injury treatment that goes straight to the site and starts to work it. But clearly all of the stretches and excercises are helping. I’ve been diligently following her regime and this morning she told me that I have 10 degrees more movement in the ankle compared with Thursday and took me down to two wedges in the boot.

I did quite a lot of walking over the weekend - with the crutches of course, but covered a lot of ground in taking the kids to the park both days. Hard going but my speed is up and I’m starting to get the sense of putting a little more weight through it slowly but surely. Also so much more freedom with the boot knowing I can take it off when it’s uncomfortable - so dared a trip to the theatre on Saturday and a pub quiz on Sunday. Although it was a little swollen after both it didn’t really matter much once I got the boot off.

And sleeping better too - finally. And even the scar is looking less frankenstein like.

So all round a good few days. If you are reading this and still in the cast then hang on in there. I’m 5 weeks in now (4 and a half since the op) and I can say for sure things are starting to look up.

2 Responses to “A good few days”

  1. lawwill on November 30, 2011 10:02 am

    Hi there
    Glad to hear the positive approach. I’m seven weeks post treatment (non-op)and have been in a boot for 2 weeks. I seem to be able to get around fairly well with or without crutches and, like you, take the boot off, or loosen it, when I’m not walking around on it. Found walking without crutches hugely easier with a one inch heel lift (which I sourced off the internet) in my other shoe as the length differential between leg with boot and leg without is not so great that way. Still very nervous about the prospect of walking without boot protection but next appt. with consultant (at the Royal London) is in 2 weeks and not sure what he’ll suggest then, but he is very conservative so he may keep me in the boot for a few more weeks anyway.

  2. feedthegoat on December 2, 2011 8:50 am

    Thanks for posting - this really inspired me to be a bit more aggressive with weight bearing in the boot. Took me a few days but I can do one crutch pretty comfortably now for short distances - thanks.

    Very interested as to why you decided not to have the op and also the circumstances of your injury.

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