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3 Days Post-op, first blog ever!!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on March 5, 2010 by fayshan21


My name is Faydra and I this is my first attempt at any type of blogging experience! I figured why not blog a true unfortunate and important mishap in my life that will take some healing time?! So I fully ruptured my achilles while wildly going about step-ups at the gym (now I am a personal trainer/massage therapist, and due to my nature I failed to listen to myself in correctly doing this exercise, hence injury…).  I knew exactly what I had done to myself as soon as I couldn’t lift my foot up.   I went to the ER (dumb idea they didn’t do anything for me!) and then went home to wait the weekend over on some pain meds, which i only took that night because I realized I couldn’t drink my wine on them. My boyfriend is a track coach so Sunday night he made some calls to the head sports med associate and she made some calls and got me an appointment for Tuesday to see the surgeon, and then was able to get my surgery scheduled for the next day. Its been a week since the injury occured, and I have to say, I’m being really positive about it. I’m feeling down b/c I havn’t worked out in a week, but I know I need to use my energy to heal. I am renting the hands free crutch which has been a Godsend seeing my profession.  I’m staying really positive and trying to slow myself down.  Its only been 3 days since surgery and I have to believe that its going to get a little easier…right? I’d like to get some real feedback because although I’m very optimistic, I know there are a lot of people that have bad experiences with this. So bring on the bad and the good! Im ready!!! Thank you for reading. I’m heading to Vegas next week, won’t that be interesting :)…wish me luck!