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Has it been 3 months already?

Posted in Uncategorized on June 1, 2010 by fayshan21

Geez!!! I can’t believe it! Well it still looks pretty gnarly, but the swelling is slowly going away. Im trying to do as much massage on it as i can, and using all my fellow MT’s to work on me as well.  I started running, dancing, and wearing heels (very carefully). I say running but its like 2 or 3 min cycles.  Im still wearing a compression sock for the majority of the day bc Im on my feet all day. I’m using  “Cicacare” for the scarring and for the most part shoes arent bothering the scar.  Heel lifts are still pretty difficult. TOday i got in the pool and did a lot of them. I felt that awesome calf cramp! woo woo. I have to be careful bc Im starting to forget that I have even have the injury! Crazy.  Glad the summer is here! Gotta watch the sun on that scar! Hope all is well for yous’ out there!!!



1st PT session…kinda lame.

Posted in Uncategorized on April 22, 2010 by fayshan21

So I am officially a “boring” case; says my PT.  My dorsiflexion is at 13 (good foot 15), eversion is lower cuz of the swelling. She was surprised at how much strength and flexibility I have. She also said that she has only had men ruptures and they are all in their late 30’s and 40’s. I guess being an active chick in her 20’s has an advantage or 2! I have to do single leg balance (barefoot), dorsiflexion with band and this other crazy exercise. I bought a pair of “fitflops” and a pair of backless gym shoes. One spot of my scar (near the bottom) isn’t healing so well, but otherwise the back of the shoes doesn’t bother it…. Any suggestions on that? my doc said that my body may be rejecting the  internal suture. i just think my shoes have been rubbin too much. Spent the whole day in shoes, feels fine. Then tripped on the dog going up the stairs and damn near died!! My ankle is super achy but no rerupture. Geez what a scare!!! My swelling isn’t too bad. My ankle is really hot but I’m keepin it elevated and iced at the end of the night.  Im feeling fabulous and have decided to start training for competition in October. Now, I know that I need to take the left leg slow, and its going to build differently. I am not pushing it, I’m having my associates help me out so as to not push myself too hard. I feel i need to have a goal. If i don’t have a goal I’m going to keep gettin soft.  Anywhoo, hope all of you are well and feeling good and staying positive!!! muah!

Officially 2 shoes!!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 21, 2010 by fayshan21

Had my 7 week appointment yesterday and doc wants me in 2 shoes as much as possible. He said it was going to hurt, I would swell, I would be sore but to get past it and go! Walked around from 2pm til bedtime in my shoes and oh boy am I feelin it! The ankle is like what? You want me to support you now? I am going to get on the bike cuz my gimpy limp is not too good for the hips! I think I will transfer to boot by the end of the day cuz i’ll be really hurtin!!! Feels good to have the air hit my calf! Everyday a new adventure!!!

Wow 7 weeks post ATR!!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 16, 2010 by fayshan21

I can’t believe its been almost 2 month! I’m still in the boot but able to walk with all my weight on it. The boot is killing my heel and irritating the heck out of it… I am feeling so good tho. I have my 7 week post-op appointment  on tuesday and i start transitioning to 2 shoes! I’m very excited about that. Im delayed on my pt cuz the 2 i want to go to aren’t fitting with my schedule… So next week it is. I’m going to get in the pool starting next week cuz I need some cardio!!! I’m looking forward to the painful sessions of rehab…very curious. So thats about it! Hope all of you are doing well!!!

Happy healing!


3 Weeks… and replys to my posts!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 21, 2010 by fayshan21

So  first off, if any of you are on crutches, you HAVE TO GO TO CRUTCHCRITTERS.COM and get these cute things to go on the crutches. They are AMAZING!! a friend of my clients is the owner of this company that makes stuffed animals (or sport theme) pads for the crutches. They are a total life saver and quite the conversation starter!!!! I go out to the clubs with my cute little puppies and everyone loves them!!!

Ok,  so  im lovin Mr. Norm’s detailed responses– quite the rockstar on ATR- love it! And to all my ladies, we will be in those cute heels again!  So am I wierd to not be feeling pain and dorsiflexin’ the foot with feeling in the calf?  Its still a hard mass, and stiff, but i’m pointing and flexing pretty well. I slept with the boot off and woke up feeling so liberated! lol! When I put the boot back on i was fine. No pain at all. I don’t move much when i sleep tho so maybe thats why i was ok.  i don’t plan on doing this every night, but it was nice for a change!!! I was out and about all day yesterday so today im cheezin watching movies with my foot up. I am not being over skeptical or wanting to rush my healing (that never works) but the little improvements make me feel good! And I have to admit I enjoy the positive treatment when i go out at night. People actually care!!! Or they just love the puppies on the crutches! Have a great one! xo

Oh, and I am not feeling any discomfort with my walking cast. That Vaco Boot/Robo boot is scary!!!

I know this should be the last thing i worry about…

Posted in Uncategorized on March 19, 2010 by fayshan21

I realize i have a long way to go… but will I ever be able to wear my pumps and stilletos again?? It is such a lame question but I wear them a lot and it would make me feel so great to know that I have something to look forward to!


1st Post op appointment!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 18, 2010 by fayshan21

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!! Here in Chicago its sunny and 70, and my appt went great!

 The last few days I’ve been a little worried bc my incision has been burning.  My swelling went down and the splint was rubbing it. It was fine, got the splint off and the air felt oh so refreshing!!! I turned my leg over and was surprised at the Frankenstein-ish look of my leg. No swelling in the ankle, but my foot looks like a tennis ball!!  He gave me the alcohol wipe and it was the most heavenly feeling!  I watched as the nurse cut and pull out my stitches and put on the dressing.  I was told that i could shower and get it wet…. I’m a little apprehensive about doing so, any suggestions? I got put on my  “robo-boot” but am still NWB. I go back in 2 weeks to start PT and a begin putting weight on it. If the next two weeks go as fast as the last two, Im gonna be ok!!!  So im feeling good. Got back to the gym on Monday and feeling great! Hope all of you are doi

Back From Vegas…2 weeks since ATR!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 16, 2010 by fayshan21

Geez, can’t believe its been 2 weeks since the rupture! Well Vegas was a success! It was a little rough, but with the help of my sister (albeit her hidden resentment) it was one of my favorite times in Vegas!

My brother was my personal chauffeur to the airport (we took the train), because I obviously couldn’t take my suitcases around.  Got to airport earlier than usual just in case. It took my 10 minutes to get to my gate. They pushed me right through everything. So onto the plane I go. Flight out wasn’t so bad. Took a Bayer about an hour before take off so it didn’t feel like too much swelling.

The whole trip was great. I probably over did it- a 5 hour concert, beach party, nightclubs… but my trooper of a sister pushed me around during the day and I slept with a pound of ice and my leg up when i finally did go to sleep. :)

The trip back was a little tougher. My leg was swollen before I went up, so I took another Bayer and this time had the attendant give me a bag of ice. It helped.

So now I am back. Im a definite pro at the  hands free crutch and crutches. I go in for my post op appointment Thursday. I can’t wait to take a look and shave my leg and take pictures…(sorry maybe TMI)! It feels as tho my incision is rubbing against the inside of the cast, and kind of irritated. I have a lot of room cuz my leg has lost a lot of size. I’m also starting to get funny nerve tingles throughout my heel and bottom of foot. Kind of cool-except when there is a little pain.  Im hoping that this is all normal and its just the art of healing.

Anyways I’ll be back on Friday to let you know how the appointment went!!! Happy Healing!


Why are Tuesdays Better than Mondays?

Posted in Uncategorized on March 9, 2010 by fayshan21

Goodmorning! So its 10 days from my ATR and boy was yesterday tough.  I know, I know, I have a long way to go– but I think Mondays are going from my favorite day to my not so favorite day. All day long I was pity partying it up. And then fell asleep for like 3 hours before bed.  What a difference  24 hours makes!  Today when I woke up I thought ok, its been over a week, my 2 week post op is next Tuesday and time is flying. One of my saviours has been this hands free crutch. I don’t know if any of you have used this thing, but aside from its “interesting” looks, it has made my life so much easier! Im still able to do massage and train my clients. I have slowed my days considerably, but this thing has helped me to have a pretty normal life. After my Dr. appt next week I plan on getting back to the gym to do some lifting. I think thats where all my goofy mental stuff is coming from. At the time of the accident I was in 8th week (and exactly 8 weeks out) from my 2nd fitness competition. So I’m used to being in the gym 2 hours a day and hitting it hard. I’m sure many of you know how going from being completely active to completely non active  can really mess up your moods. Then add the meds and pain killers and it gets a little crazy!  So anyway, today is looking to be a great day. My spirits are up and Im leaving for Vegas tomorrow afternoon so that will be fun. I will write on Sunday to let you know how the whole thing went! Have a great week and happy healing.


Day 4…A little worried about my flight.

Posted in Uncategorized on March 7, 2010 by fayshan21

As the warm weather peeks its head,  I sit on my couch on this sunday morning, looking at my big ol’ casted leg and my messy apartment and get a little down. Im thinking about the whole production Wednesday will bring when I try to get on the plane to leave for Vegas. Its a little scary cuz usually I just walk on up. Now I have all this excess baggage…Any tips on handling this? I am going to call the airline on Tuesday to hopefully speed things along. Until then the whole packing thing will be easier…I only need to pack one shoe!!! Thats just weird!!! So today I’ll be working and hitting the grocery store with my hands-free crutch. Should be interesting. I feel like a monster, and Im going to scare all the little kids lol. Well I will update you all on the outcome of all this! Have a fabulous sunday!!!!