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Officially 2 shoes!!

Had my 7 week appointment yesterday and doc wants me in 2 shoes as much as possible. He said it was going to hurt, I would swell, I would be sore but to get past it and go! Walked around from 2pm til bedtime in my shoes and oh boy am I feelin it! The ankle is like what? You want me to support you now? I am going to get on the bike cuz my gimpy limp is not too good for the hips! I think I will transfer to boot by the end of the day cuz i’ll be really hurtin!!! Feels good to have the air hit my calf! Everyday a new adventure!!!

3 Responses to “Officially 2 shoes!!”

  1. normofthenorth Says:

    Congrats and good luck! I’m 11 weeks farther in than you are, and my leg is up on a footstool on a pillow now, while I’m typing! Bicycled to a meeting this evening, then to a pub, then home, all just like a normal person. Then I couldn’t wait to get my foot up in the air, just like an ATR person!! It also seems to get this “warm glow” when it needs to be elevated. . .

  2. mari Says:

    Ice and elevate and go shorter times in shoes.

    Good luck!

  3. marina Says:

    My PT wouldn’t let me ice my tendon on first sessions, where we only did gizmos like currents, laser, ultrasounds, massage and stretching, because he wanted it to be warm in order to stretch it nicely and gain the desired rom. Ice came later, when I entered the strengthening part of my PTs. Your ankle will be swollen at first, but don’t be afraid to walk as much as you can, then elevate and ice the ankle only. My ankles stopped swelling at 4 month’s mark. Good luck to your adventures and be careful :-)

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