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3 Weeks… and replys to my posts!

So  first off, if any of you are on crutches, you HAVE TO GO TO CRUTCHCRITTERS.COM and get these cute things to go on the crutches. They are AMAZING!! a friend of my clients is the owner of this company that makes stuffed animals (or sport theme) pads for the crutches. They are a total life saver and quite the conversation starter!!!! I go out to the clubs with my cute little puppies and everyone loves them!!!

Ok,  so  im lovin Mr. Norm’s detailed responses– quite the rockstar on ATR- love it! And to all my ladies, we will be in those cute heels again!  So am I wierd to not be feeling pain and dorsiflexin’ the foot with feeling in the calf?  Its still a hard mass, and stiff, but i’m pointing and flexing pretty well. I slept with the boot off and woke up feeling so liberated! lol! When I put the boot back on i was fine. No pain at all. I don’t move much when i sleep tho so maybe thats why i was ok.  i don’t plan on doing this every night, but it was nice for a change!!! I was out and about all day yesterday so today im cheezin watching movies with my foot up. I am not being over skeptical or wanting to rush my healing (that never works) but the little improvements make me feel good! And I have to admit I enjoy the positive treatment when i go out at night. People actually care!!! Or they just love the puppies on the crutches! Have a great one! xo

Oh, and I am not feeling any discomfort with my walking cast. That Vaco Boot/Robo boot is scary!!!

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