How Do I Ditch These Crutches?

And knee scooter?

I’ve been cleared for full-weight bearing by my doctor. She recommended ditching the crutches and knee scooter as soon as I felt comfortable. She said I could use a cane or single crutch as a transition device but to go to FWB as soon as possible.

Any tips or techniques for the transition from partial weight-bearing to full weight-bearing?

The only half-decent advice I’ve found is this YouTube video.

I’m also starting physiotherapy on Monday.

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  1. I pretty much followed the advice in that video. I started by using 2 crutches and stepping through with hardly any weight on the boot, then added pressure from there.

    I also sat normally in a chair - both feet on the ground (with the boot on) and let my bad leg get used to the light pressure that created. Up until that point I always stretched my leg out or crossed it over my other leg to keep weight off.

    Then it was kind of a leap of faith at the end. I stood at the kitchen counter and side-stepped side to side while using the counter for balance. Kind of similar to a PT exercise they had me doing early on - standing and shifting weight from side to side.

    Hope some of that helps! Good luck. I’m sure the PT folks will have some advice, too.

  2. Good advice. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be sure to ask the PT specialists on Monday. If they have anything interested to add, I’ll create another post.

  3. Good advice from pj. Everyone’s foot handles it differently. I didn’t really follow anything. When the doc said to put about 30-40lbs. of weight on it, I just lightly stepped (with the crutches). Gradually, I stepped harder and harder - letting off when I felt too much pins and needles. And, like pj, when I was just standing, I kept trying to stand with more weight on the bad foot - again, letting off if the pins and needles came. Gradually, I got to the point where my foot could handle all my weight when standing, and much of my weight when “walking”, in the boot.

    You’ll get there - it just takes a little time.

    Work with your PT, and do what they tell you - you’re getting there!

  4. I was initially told to put about 45-50lbs of weight on the injured leg. I used scale to feel what that means and tried to apply that while walking with 2 crutches. Pretty soon I transitioned to walking with one crutch. When I noticed I just carry the crutch in my hand I realized I am ready for FWB, so ditched the crutch. I have it in my vid from week 6-7.

    I was basically practicing walking slowly for short periods of time, but pretty frequently, when there were no distractions around. It was a good frequent break from computer in my case.

    One thing that helped me walk much smoother was Evenup. I got it 2 days after starting PWB and it made a huge difference in a quick transitioning from NWB to FWB, as well as walking with a normal gate in a boot.

    Good luck with practicing! :)

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