It’s Alive!

I transitioned into partial weight bearing after the third week, as per doctor’s orders. Crutches, bad foot, good foot, around the apartment in tiny laps, mindful that many studies show patients are completed unable to gauge the amount of weight they exert on their injured leg. At first I would slide the good foot up to the bad foot, ensuring that the crutches/bad foot didn’t bear the full weight at any point. Slowly I’ve worked toward a more normal walking motion, still aiming to put only 10-25% of my weight on the bad foot itself. I’ll never know if I’m successful in that target.

The miracle of partial weight bearing is that it made my foot feel like a living thing again. For the first three weeks, it felt like there was a dead swamp rat attached to the end of my leg. ┬áNow it’s alive! And much less swamp-ratty! The foot muscles would twitch and flex and generally it felt much more like a good foot trapped in a boot. That’s the danger of course: believing that it is healed. It’s nowhere near being a good foot. But at least it’s no longer a dead foot.

Two days ago, I took out another wedge from inside the boot. I didn’t have the same stretching feeling that I had when I took out the first wedge. But it’s much easier to fit my leg under a desk now. Still two wedges in the boot. When I sit down my right knee is about three inches taller than my left knee. I took a day off from partial weight bearing when I took out the wedge to allow my ankle to adjust. Now I’m back to tiny laps, crutches, bad foot, good foot. A bit further every day.

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