So why are you here?

The doctor asked that.

“Because this is the appointment you gave me. You said come back in two weeks.”

“Huh. I don’t need to see you until the 6 week mark. But let’s take a look.”

In any case, I just wanted a professional to look at it and tell me that something was healing… even if it was a complete guess on their part.

“Looks fine. Try some partial weight bearing. Come back at 6 weeks. We’ll test it then.”

The doctor removed one of the wedges which keeps my foot in the equinus position (toe pointed down), lessening the severity of the angle.

The doctor also handed me an achilles recovery timeline.

“It’s from a non-op study in Ontario. That one didn’t make me a believer though.”

“So which one did?”

“None of them. I think it’s good to be skeptical of new trends.”

“Well, when I re-rupture, you’ll be right.”

The doctor laughed hard. “I do know of plenty of non-op patients, further along than you, with good outcomes.”

“Phewf,” I said. “Maybe you’re not right after all.”


Later the same day.

The aircast has been much more comfortable. I can feel a stretch in my achilles area. It’s similar to the feeling of a muscle being stretched. As the wedge is out, the back of the ankle is being lengthened. My ankle is slowly being moved back toward a natural position. Before this, I was constantly adjusting the aircast because of pain on the top or sides of my foot, or the big toe. Now it fits much better.

4 Responses to “So why are you here?”

  1. Sounds like progress! Every little bit helps. I don’t think I’ll get wedges removed until 6 weeks, but hoping things progress quickly from there.

  2. Just measured the heel lift.

    It was just under 7cm (or 2 3/4″ ).

    Now it is just over 5cm (or 2 1/8″).

  3. Would be nice to have a little more confidence from your doctor. But trust your own instincts and the research you did. My OS is the doctor that did the Ontario study. He’s a good guy - knows what he’s doing! You made the right decision for you. Always believe that.

  4. Sounds a bit like my doctor. “Normally I do this, some people say this, I don’t know…we’ll see what happens.”

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