Pop Goes the World

I’m pretty sure everyone on the basketball court heard the pop. They all stopped playing. “Are you alright?” someone asked.

I was on the floor, but in no pain. I assumed I’d just stepped on something that had annoyingly found its way onto the court. I looked back to see what it was. But there wasn’t anything. Immediately, I thought “So this is how Derrick Rose must have felt. Huh.” I stood up, still no pain, but my right foot no longer felt like it belonged to my leg. “I’m going have to come out,” I said and hobbled off the court.

At the YMCA desk, an employee with paramedic training had me point my foot and flex it, which I could still do, a bit. He thought nothing was wrong. But about 10 minutes later my whole foot and ankle was swollen up big time, and I was in some pain, although still not too much. I hobbled two blocks back home and put it on ice. The next morning I went to the clinic and the doctor sent me to emergency. They did not do any scans, but declared it a really obvious achilles tendon rupture. They put me in a splint, which consisted of a strip of plaster cast on the top of my foot, ankle, and shin wrapped in gauze. It was very effective. I could not move my foot at all. I was to come back in two days to see the orthopaedic surgeon.

They cut off the cast when I came back and said ‘yep, that’s an ATR’. Again no scans necessary. The doctor said she could see the two ends of the tendon and they weren’t far apart. She said I could have surgery if I wanted to but, more and more, they were treating these without operating. That was confusing to me. She told me about various studies but gave no recommendation. Then they put me in an aircast, a boot with straps and air pockets, but no breathability, and said I had two days to decide about the surgery.

I did more research. I didn’t want not to have surgery because of fear of the knife. But then again I didn’t want to have unnecessary surgery just to prove that I wasn’t afraid of the knife. Maybe surgery reduced the rate of re-rupture, but maybe not. It definitely carried a significant risk of infection and complications. I changed my mind back and forth many times. But I only called back to book my next appointment, with the same doctor, to check in two weeks later.

Then I bought a used knee scooter because crutches are the worst.

4 Responses to “Pop Goes the World”

  1. Good luck with your recovery!

  2. If I had ATR I would definitely go the no surgery route :) Good luck with the healing. I loved the knee scooter though they have many knee crutches now which also are better than regular crutches.

  3. Welcome to the club, Faust! I know, none of us wanna be members, but here we are. We’ll get thru this! Good luck on your non-op recovery. I, too, am doing non-op and am at my 3-week mark since they said I couldn’t have the surgery.

    I use the crutches around the house, and outside sometimes. I use the knee scooter at work. Knee scooters don’t work very well in the grass, especially if the soil is soft/muddy!

    Happy Healing!

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