Surgery Day

Posted on February 6th, 2015 in Uncategorized by farnz

I was scheduled for surgery on 1/13/15.  I was to hear from the hospital the day before to find out what time I was to arrive, which I found very odd.  It was like dealing with the phone/cable company that says, “we’ll be there between noon and 4pm.”  I guess I wasn’t doing anything other than waiting for surgery.  I was nervous going thru surgery as I’ve never had surgery before or been on anesthesia.  I arrived at the hospital with my wife and after filling out a bunch of forms, was shown back to a hospital room.  Nurses were really great, got changed, they put the IV in and I was ready to go.  The wierd thing was the surgeon came in to talk to me again about the surgery and what was going to take place and at the end asked me if I wanted to have surgery today???  I was kind of shocked at first as I sat there thinking, I’m in a gown, have an IV in my hand, why else would I be here??

The anesthesiologist was rather interesting, funny guy that seemed to experiment on his own stuff.  He gave me two different anesthetics and I was out.  It felt really cold going thru my veins, which was a funny feeling.  Surgery was about 45 min.  I woke up in the recovery room like I had slept for 2 days.  Felt pretty good, except throat was sore from the breathing tube.  Leg didn’t hurt, so that was good.  Spent a couple hours in the hospital taking some antibiotics thru my IV and headed home.   Overall, thought it went really well.

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