After 4 weeks and two casts I have moved over to the boot. at first it was “easy does it” but after a few long days at work on my boot for hours and some rehab on the stationary bike and ROM exercises I got the nerve to try to walk with no boot. Doc say Im not at the point of no pain no gain but do what I can. In 4 days Ive gone from almost now range of motion or strength to what I feel like is a long ways!!! I can still only get my heel about and inch off the ground while sitting down(Toe Raises). but 4 days ago I could not have gotten a piece of paper under my heel.

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  1. Oh fanman,

    Do be careful about walking without your boot. I’m not clear, did the doctor give you the OK for that? The tendon is not very strong at less than five weeks, and the risk for re-rupture is still high. I know it’s hard to be patient, but an extra couple of weeks in the boot really are worth it to avoid further injury. If you look at the bottom of the recovery tracker (, you’ll see the average length of time to two-shoes is 9 weeks. On the other hand, if your doctor told you to go for it, then he must be very confident in his own repair work! Take care.

  2. Ignore my lecture! I see by your comment elsewhere that your doctor has given you the OK for this. Do be careful though, this is still early for two-shoes.

  3. deana,

    dont wory!!! I would not dare leave the house in two shoes, nor do anything more than get up to turn out the light or use the restroom. I do it more for flexability exercises (ROM) when no one is around to get in my way. From what I can tell the doc will try to officially ween me off the boot after my next two week visit, that will be right at 6 weeks post op.

    Thanks for the reply

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