9 days post OP

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so its been 9 days and Im anxious for my two week check up. I havent gotten out of the house much and Im starting to get stir crazy and my wife is doing the best she can considering my gimp-nes and our 3 year old that is a handfull in her self. A few days after the surgery I felt like my cast was way to big. I could almost slide my foot half way out of it (at least that the way it felst) I decided to go on an outing with the fam a few nights ago and with in the first hour my leg was so swolen I thought the cast was going to explode!!. I gues thats why they made it so loose.

Today I have felt some diferent pains coming from the tendon area that I havent felt before. Like a soreness when I wiggle my toes or put any presure on my cast while Im crutching around the house. I hope this is normal considering a few days ago I could practicaly walk on my cast with no crutches.

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  1. Hang in there fanman! Things started smoothing out for me after three weeks or so. And I mean a lot. I’m still not PWB, but I can let my leg hang down with minor swelling. This change happened pretty fast, it happened right after I thought it never would! It still turns purple and swells a bit, but not like the first 21-23 days or so. Cramps and spasms freaked me out a couple of times too, but mostly this seems to be just part of the healing process. Big improvements are in store for you too, it gets a little stronger every day!

  2. PS - elevate, elevate, elevate. Try not to let it hang for more than 20-30min. at a time for the first 10-21 days.

  3. Thanks for the Reply

    Im just freaked out because Im a Coach and Two a days start on Aug 1, any typical day Ill be activley on my feet in the 100+ degree heat for at least 8 hours. I dont know how its going to work but I guess we will find out.

    I do hope this thing stats getting noticably better

  4. smkymtns

    onother thing…My doc said I can put as much weight as I want as long as I can handle it. If I feel like being tough I can walk with out crutches (with a sever limp). but it worries me because the next day is like i took a step back.

  5. Check out the iwalkfree crutch. Even if you’re FWB by Aug. 1, this may help you get through 8 hrs. of standing.

  6. They rent these for $125 a month, no depo sit. I talked with my PT about these today. He said they’re for real. A surgeon recently used one during his recovery. I thought I would be off of my crutches in two weeks. For me, it looks like it’s going to be more like four. Had I know this, I would have rented one of these crutches straight away. But with only 12 or so more days until I should be able to ditching the crutches and even though I don’t have an “office” job I can elevate my leg throughout the day, other wise one of these would be on it’s way.

  7. PS - 1 week splint, 4 weeks boot NWB/ limited PWB, so five weeks with crutches.

  8. sweet, thanks for the help

  9. One last thing, that’s five weeks with crutches for me. Everybodies different.

  10. hey, I am 4 weeks post op. I tore both completely. As smkymtns said … elevate. because I was imobile for the first 2 weeks … I kept my legs up 3 pillows most of the time … i did get out in a wheelchair everyday … but feet were up 95% of the day. And they definetly started swelling and hurting in those short vertical periods.

    Also once the stitches are out and dried up … keep elevating and “ice”BOLD ( properly ) 2 or 3 times a day. especially when you are weight bearing. Everyone is different …. you have to listen to your body … challenge and recover.

  11. O .. and by challenge I mean don’t push too hard ! :o)

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