6 weeks post op

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going in for my 6 weeks post op in the morning. I have been in the boot now for two weeks. however for about a week now I have been walking with two shoes when ever im not on the field (im a Football Coach) I would wear the boot more but my range of motion is good and Im getting some streangth back in my calf. Not to mention when I get off the field after wearing my boot in the 105 degree heat for 3 hours I am completley misserable. The insicion is rubbed raw and the heel pain is unbearable and once i get the boot off…Im sorry but it aint going back on. I know its probably to early to be walking around in two shoes but I am verry cafefull. We will see what the doc says tomorrow.

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5 weeks post op

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walking after 1 months and 4 days post surgery

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After 4 weeks and two casts I have moved over to the boot. at first it was “easy does it” but after a few long days at work on my boot for hours and some rehab on the stationary bike and ROM exercises I got the nerve to try to walk with no boot. Doc say Im not at the point of no pain no gain but do what I can. In 4 days Ive gone from almost now range of motion or strength to what I feel like is a long ways!!! I can still only get my heel about and inch off the ground while sitting down(Toe Raises). but 4 days ago I could not have gotten a piece of paper under my heel.

Two Weeks Post Op

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New Cast and stiches out. Im walking in the cast with no crutches with little discomfort. The calf has atrophied quite a bit already. They gave me a shoe to put on the bottom of the cast that helps alot. I still need the crutches if I want to go some place quickly.

9 days post OP

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so its been 9 days and Im anxious for my two week check up. I havent gotten out of the house much and Im starting to get stir crazy and my wife is doing the best she can considering my gimp-nes and our 3 year old that is a handfull in her self. A few days after the surgery I felt like my cast was way to big. I could almost slide my foot half way out of it (at least that the way it felst) I decided to go on an outing with the fam a few nights ago and with in the first hour my leg was so swolen I thought the cast was going to explode!!. I gues thats why they made it so loose.

Today I have felt some diferent pains coming from the tendon area that I havent felt before. Like a soreness when I wiggle my toes or put any presure on my cast while Im crutching around the house. I hope this is normal considering a few days ago I could practicaly walk on my cast with no crutches.

No Fun Getting Old

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I’m not a bloger nor am I a good speller but I did rupture my achillies tendon… so please bare with me.

Im a 29 year old High School Football Coach in Texas and after staying in fairly decent shape since my hay days as a young athlete. This summer I decided to amp it up and try to get back to my “fighting weight” you know get my 4.5 speed back that I had 10 years ago. While being no stranger to the wieght room, Jump rope and acasional jog on the treadmill, some fellow coaches, my wife (former College Trackster) and myself decided to pull out the sprint development protocal I curently use with my Track Team (did I mention I am the Head Boys Track Coach). So the first day of testing out speed and speed endurance “max velocity” and “Max Velocity Percentage” as i like to call it which consist of three all out flying 20m times and a all out 300m run. I decided to lace up some old Track Spikes that were laying around the Coaches Office and get after it. I survived the 20’s and about 95 meters in to the 300 it happend. Felt like someone had sniped me from the top of the bleachers. After my friends including y wife got done laughing at me and realized I was truly injured I was carried off the track to the car like a fallen marine out of battle by my buddy.

I got into see the OS (our team doc) the next day and after a MRI to make sure surgery was a necesity (2 inch gap) I talked him into allowing me to put it off until after our pre paid family vacation. No way wi was going to tel my 3 year old that we were not going to Florida after hearing her talk about it for the last 4 months! He refered me to the foot ankle specialist with in his group since he did not feel comfortable doing the surgery after that long of a delay.

Ruptured my achilles on 6/21 and had the surgery on 7/5 the day we got back from vacation. Im now 6 days post OP and have a Cast. I go in 2 weeks post op to I geuss get my other cast on.

All I know is I will be in casting for 6weeks, Boot for 2 and then on to two shoes at 8 weeks post OP. But the doc says i can bare as much weight as I feel comfortable now as far as he is concerned

My concern is Football season is right around the corner and our first practice is August 1st. This is almost 4 weeks to the date and Im still going to be in a cast! I have been really looking at the Vaco Cast and It is very apealing as my ocupation requires me to be quite mobile. I have already been given a boot pre surgery and it was a bledsoe Flat form. Doc says that this is the boot I will be in after 6 weeks. i would love to get into a Vaco Cast if my insurance will pick it up after 2 weeks or at least 4 weeks if possible. Im just not sure how much barganing power Im going to have??

Thanks to all that have bloged. Its funny how infactuated I have become with these injuries, I guess it comes with all the extra down time.