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2 Shoes! 2 Shoes!

Just starting post op week nine and very excited to be wearing two shoes indoors. After the difficult transition from the wedge sole to the flat sole (probably because my foot was plantar flexed without any ROM for about 7 weeks), it was easier than I expected. I got a heel lift from amazon and gel heel cup for comfort and so far so good. Just taking baby steps with a limp around the house and in the hallways at work for a few hours a day but its finally some light at the end of the tunnel! As of yesterday’s PT appointment, my foot is finally back at neutral.

My conservative protocol does not allow any resistance or calf strengthening exercises until next week so I’m still using just the yellow theraband and doing seated heel lifts in addition to some other exercises with PT. The BAPS board has been a nice new addition.

I see my surgeon on Monday and am hoping to be out of the boot full time at that time. I love ryanb’s motorcycle helmet analogy and hope to be as careful as possible during this time. I also can’t wait to start driving my manual 6spd car again…hopefully this weekend. I just bought an exercise bike for home use as well and am really looking forward to starting that with some incremental resistence starting next week.

I welcome any advice and insight anyone has to share! Thanks again everyone…


Any advice for getting into two shoes from Vacocast?

I’m really excited to be on post op week seven.  I’ve been FWB for a few days now and its feels great to be off crutches!  My gait still needs a lot of work and I take a lot of small steps but I’m definitely enjoying the freedom.

After surgery, I was in a splint for two weeks and then went into the Vacocast.  I was NWB for six weeks.  Unfortunately, no one here is familiar with the Vacocast so I have been adjusting it on my own.  After starting at fixed 30 degrees PF, I went down by 5 degrees each week until I reached 10 degrees last week.  As I started to wean off the crutches, I opened up the hinge to allow 5-30 degrees PF with the big wedge sole.  I tried the flat sole last night and it was too uncomfortable.  My foot is still not near neutral and is probably around 10 degrees of PF at rest.

Whats the best way to transition to the flat sole and then into two shoes?  Should I keep my foot fixed at 5 degrees or neutral first?  I like keeping it hinged with the ROM because its so much easier to walk but wanted to ask for any helpful guidance.

I’m also wondering when I can try to stand up on two feet barefooted.  It would be really nice to stand up to shower again!

I just got back from an overseas trip so I will be starting more active PT on Monday and I’m hopeful that will help me with the transition.

I hope we all come back stronger…including Kobe Bryant!

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    Which Leg: R
    Status: 2-Shoes

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