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only a few more days now :) :(

April 5th, 2013 by evahsmum

Well.. I’m officially three days away from my fourth surgery as of midnight…. why am I still up? I can’t sleep of course, the weather has changed and my heels are encompassed with this gnawing feeling and my tendons are sharp paining and pain meds seem to be pointless and useless. I still want to beg those around me to just cut my feet off, but I think I’ll make it three days.  I’m thinking at some point during my right foot recovery my left foot (which is undoubtedly going to get worse FAST once it’s my only foot) is gonna take over as my main source of discomfort.  That’s gonna be a weird switch for me, since my right foot has been my “achilles heel” (pun? yes.) for so many years.

Well, I’ve got my house about as wheelchair friendly as it’s gonna get. My dog and child, sadly, are not very wheelchair friendly. Here’s hoping I don’t break either of their feetz with my wheels lol.  I continue to be amazed and in awe while watching the love and support the Lord pours out on my child and I through this whole thing. The wonderful people He has brought into our lives and has poured out through them… It truly is amazing <3

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