Recovery Question - Help!

As I continue to recover I find myself continually concerned at the prospect of rerupture. Ever since I have transitioned to 2 shoes, I find that especially in the mornings my Achilles area can be sore and the skin to touch is warmer than the rest of my leg. I will be asking my physio about this later today, but I was wondering if anyone here had any insight. Is this normal during recovery, or am I seriously putting myself at risk of rupturing what has healed? Thanks in advance!!

Onto the 8th Week

I have successfully navigated 7 weeks of recovery, and I am in the most positive mindset I have been yet.

Last Thursday was the last time I have been in the air cast boot. I have been in 2 shoes or barefoot ever since and I have to say I love it! My AT seems to be responding well to physio and the daily exercises I have been told to do. I still have quite a bit of swelling, but nothing that prevents me from doing anything. I’m walking better and with less of a limp everyday. I’m really hoping that at my 11wk checkup with my ortho that I can walk into his office without a limp while maintaining a faster walking pace - right now I am fairly slow.

I’m thinking of getting a swim pass to help with the rehabilitation. I figure if I can’t yet go back to spin class, this would be a great alternative. Has anyone else used swimming to help speed up rehab? If so, did you find that it helped you tremendously?

Happy healing everyone!!

6 Weeks & 2 Days…time to ditch the boot!!!

It’s sad when I can’t remember the last time I was this excited!!!

I saw my ortho this morning and upon examining my leg he said I could lose the wedge and start to lose the boot all together. I’m allowed to sleep with it off and I can start trying to walk independent of the boot while at home and I get to tell physio to kick it up a notch!

To everyone out there, just want to say, hang in there. I know there are bad days where you just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it is there.

Good luck with everyone’s healing!!

Week 5 - FWB in boot!!!

Well, I am on the cusp of starting my sixth week of recovery and I’ve become FWB with the boot around the house. I haven’t ventured outside the house without the crutches, but being able to carry a glass of water is a complete milestone!! It sure makes it a lot easier to do the little things around the house!

Healing seems to be progressing well, with PT I finally have my calf muscle engaged in moving my foot down. There’s been a dramatic leap leap in healing this week.  I am hoping upon my return from holidays the doc will take out the wedge in my boot!

To all of you staring out: it does get better. I know it seems like an incredible struggle at times and you just don’t know how you will get through…I’m here to tell you that your body is capable of some amazing things. When I ruptured I was sure there was no way I was going to make my vacation, and here I am on 2 feet hobbling around the house to get packed. We can overcome!!

4 Weeks Down…

Well, I’ve just had my third follow up with my orthopedic doctor and he has confirmed, as I thought, that I am healing really well. With my travels scheduled for next week, he opted to leave everything the same, and noted that in 2 weeks he’ll have me ’stomping around pretty good’. So, for right now, its still in an elevated heel in the boot and crutches to offside some body weight.

I seem to have little ability to move my foot down when it’s out of the boot, has anyone had this challenge? Was there anything you did to help regain some strength?

I’m starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, though I know all the hard work is yet to come.

3 weeks down…months to go

Well, 3 weeks with an ATR is in the books and I’m not really sure how I feel right now. I have good days where I am optimistic about my recovery potential and other days I am overwhelmed with how long this recovery will be.

I’ve had minimal pain the last 3 weeks, but I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. The foot doesn’t feel as ‘tender’ as it did the first week, however, I question if I’ve made enough progress after 3 weeks. Today I woke to a sore hip and quad muscle on the same side as my ATR. I presume this is from the added weight of the airboot and the uneven level of my 2 legs as a result of the boot.

Somebody tell me this gets better soon!!!

A new appreciation for the small things in life…

Well, I guess I get to also introduce myself as another ‘victim’ of an ATR. I ruptured tagging up on a fly ball running between 2nd and 3rd base. Upon my turn to sprint to third I felt as though the opposing team had thrown the ball at my foot. As I was ready to turn around and start swinging the actual ball flew over my head, and I realized immediately this was serious.

I was immediately taken to the ER room where I was put into a splint cast and told to follow up with the Ortho in a week. Upon meeting with him, we determined that a non-operative route would be best for my situation.

I am happy to report that after two weeks in the split cast I was put into an air boot this past Tuesday with an ~1.5″ wedge. I feel much more secure and have regained some confidence that with time I will be alright. My ortho noted that I am healing well and that there are no gaps in the healing. In fact, I start physio this evening!! I can feel that my body is healing and though I know the road ahead is going to be long, I am encouraged by the progress I have made in just a couple weeks.

I see my ortho again in 2 weeks and hope to be PWB by that point.