36 Weeks - Time Flies

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted, but I thought that maybe it was time to update my blog to provide some relief to those starting on the path to recovery. It really does get better!

About the 30 week mark, you really do ‘forget’ that you’ve ruptured your Achilles. Certain activities will cause you to pause and you will most likely experience some hesitation, however, once you trust your recovery the world is open to you. I started curling back in December. My ruptured foot is the foot I slide out with and I have had zero issues with that. I’ve started snowboarding and have experienced zero issues running, spinning…etc. The first 12 weeks are the most difficult, but once you can get to the 25-30 week mark, it’s almost like the injury never happened (at least in my case).

Keep your heads up everyone - it gets better. And once you get to two-shoes, time flies…….just avoid gopher holes at all costs. I wish no one the fear of rerupture like I did!

I will end this blog with a little foreshadowing between myself and my ortho. When I first ruptured and the doctor and I were discussing the course of treatment we would take (op vs non-op) he said: ‘if it was my achilles I wouldn’t operate on it’. When I saw him in early January for a follow up, I discovered that he too just ruptured his achilles skiing a couple weeks back. True to his word, he took the non-op approach. Goes to show, it can happen to anybody!

Happy healing everyone!


#1 kkirk on 02.08.13 at 9:14 PM

Thanks Eva! Its good to have a positive outlook and the hear the stories of others who are further down the road of recovery than yourself. :)

#2 darrins on 02.10.13 at 8:17 AM

thanks for your input, i’m only at 5 weeks post op, I decided this was the way to go for me, but I think from reading lots of posts here that it is fairly even op vs non-op. it just seems so long away when you talk about 25 weeks etc but oh well patience,
i sort of set mini targets and aim for that and then set the next one. so my next target is 2 weeks away when maybe they will change the bottom of my boot to a flat sole.
take care.

#3 andrew1971 on 02.21.13 at 6:41 PM

Good to hear from you Eva, wise words of encouragement too.

Glad all is well :)

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