16 Weeks Complete…outta the danger zone!

Well, 16 weeks is officially in the books and I am thrilled to report that everything seems to be going very well!

My walking gait seems to just about be there. Coworkers have commented that they can barely tell I have a hitch (though I know one still exists). The last couple of weeks at physio we have spent a considerable amount of time working on calf strength. We should be working on a single leg calf raise in the very near future.

Other exciting news, though physio erased any images of curling this winter, he did say I would have no problems being able to ice skate! I did try on my rollerblades last night to see how my foot would feel, and everything felt great! I am hoping he will allow me to rollerblade this week! :) Everything seems to be falling into place quite nicely for a full recovery before ball season next year. I know that I still need to be cognizant of the activities and dangers around me, but it’s so exciting to slowly be getting back to regular activities.

To the vets out there: after week 16 is there anything you would caution about/anything to watch for? As much as I am excited and driven for full recovery, the thought of rerupturing never seems to leave my mind.

Happy healing all!!


#1 ryanb on 09.17.12 at 10:13 AM

The best advice I can give you is to keep at it ;-) Unfortunately, progress starts to slow down - and it’s easy to get discouraged. Just keep in mind, that you can/will get back to normal, but it will take time and work. I wrote up some thoughts on entering this phase here:


#2 andrew1971 on 09.17.12 at 11:25 AM

Fantastic news Eva, congratulations and continued happy healing. :)

#3 starshep on 09.17.12 at 10:23 PM

The calf is one of the toughest muscle groups to make progress on. Keep working on it. Slow, steady progress is what does it. Work the calf on both seated machines and on machines where your leg is extended. At this point your tendon should be able to handle more force than your calf muscle can deliver so don’t be concerned about it. About the only thing you have to worry about is sudden cutting motions or falls. So be careful where you step and save the sprinting for later.

#4 eva10 on 09.18.12 at 9:08 AM

Thanks guys! It sure is slow and steady to regain calf strength. I’ll definitely leave the sprinting activities for the New Year, but I’m definitely pumped to start being a little more active. :)

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